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We dont really know Barack Obama - yet

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It should come as no surprise to anyone but the publishing industry is a liberal, socialist gaggle.

David Rosenthal, publisher of Simon & Schuster, recently admitted as much when he said, "One might say the entire book industry is largely a progressive book group."

He was, at the time, voicing his support and skepticism for the "Progressive Book Club" in a New York Times story regarding the new club’s launch.

So, one book insider finally told the truth.

The very same day as the Times piece about the "progressive" book club, Publishers Weekly ran a story about political books this election cycle.

No shock, books favorable to Obama ran seven to one in favor of the presumptive Democrat nominee.

It would appear the book publishing business is, like the mainstream media, firmly planted in Obama’s corner.

And, it’s paying off.

All that good publicity, I mean.

The Drudge Report hyped polls giving Obama the edge in three key swing states and called McCain "UNDERDOG!"

How did all this come to pass?

How did a very left-wing, first-term senator with practically no legislative accomplishments to his credit – a politician who is known to have the most liberal voting record in the U.S. Senate, a candidate whose incompetence on national defense is an epitome of cut, run and surrender (he wants to yank our troops out of Iraq, effectively losing the war, then suggests off the cuff we should send them into Pakistan).

He’s a man who has quite a number of dubious associates (a pastor who preaches a startlingly racist brand of Christianity, a former Weatherman terrorist and his wife who were involved in bombings to protest the Vietnam War, a member of the Communist Party USA who was his primary mentor, and a Chicago developer just convicted of corruption charges). How did he become the man to beat in the 2008 campaign for the presidency of our nation? Part of it is race, I’m convinced.

People would like to see the racial prejudice and the history of racial discrimination put behind us.

What could better accomplish that than electing the first black president?

It would demonstrate Americans no longer judge people by the color of their skin, however, I’d hate to see an inspiring picture – noble young black man triumphs over adversity and heals the country’s wounds – obscure the political realities.

Veteran observers of politics tell us the election will turn on the electorate’s views of Barack Obama, not of John McCain.

If folks buy into the hype, the pretty rhetoric, if we are hypnotized by the pretty pictures and glib words – "hope" and "change" and "we are the ones we’ve been waiting for" – then we’ll elect a more liberal presidential candidate than George McGovern ever dreamed of being.

However, if people recognize in time that rhetoric doesn’t necessarily equal reality where Obama is concerned then we won’t.

Should one make the mistake of tuning in to MSNBC on a regular basis, then they will surely get a distorted picture of Obama.

According to Chris Matthews, Democrat Kool Aid drinker, Obama was "delivered to us."

He will transform America, heal all our racial wounds, and infuse us all with new hope.

It’s as if Obama has been deified by the media and he’s been elevated by his followers to near divine stature.

Obama is no messiah even though he did conquer the mighty Clinton machine, but he has effectively escaped realistic appraisal and serious-minded scrutiny.

He’s escaped it more than any man (or woman) who has ever gotten this close to the presidency.

Obama is no messiah, rather he’s simply a man; another politician. He has lacked the courage to seek true reform in the rough-and-tumble world of Chicago and Illinois politics.

He’s silently and at times vocally, cooperated with Chicago’s Democratic Machine to preserve one of the most powerful and overtly corrupt political systems in the nation.

Now that he’s made it big and has the political capital to do something about it, he’s still silent.

It’s probably because his closest political allies are up to their keesters in that corruption.

The sobering truth is that Barack Obama is just a typical big-government politician and if he becomes Commander-In-Chief he’s a serious threat to our national security.

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