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Just imagine what a perfect and wonderful life we would have if we could only live in a world as envisioned by those radical environmentalists we know and love so well.

In that world we’d all be "carbon neutral," having an undetectable "carbon footprint," thus we would be green in every sense of the word and not have to buy any "offsets" from Al Gore.

There would be no gas guzzling SUVs, no dirty and avaricious "big oil" companies fouling the land and air; we’d have a country where everyone is a trout fisherman, bicyclist or gardener in their spare time.

All our air would be completely clean and pure.

Our breaths would be slow and full, of course.

We’d stretch our limbs and backs daily in yoga or Tai Chi classes to relieve our stress.

But, on second thought, there would be no stress, would there?

The food we consumed would be 100 percent organic, our milk would be organic too, as well as the white wine and cheese.

Our vehicles would all be electric, we would wear clothes made of natural fibers, and our feet would be covered in Birkenstock sandals made with leather.

From only humanely slaughtered animals, naturally.

We would recycle, reuse, renew and repurpose everything in our lives.

There would be no waste, no dirty landfills or hazardous wastes or dangerous chemicals of any type.

We’d have no polluting steel mills, paper mills, manufacturing plants, petrochemical refineries or power plants.

All would be illegal.

All our lighting would be provided by fluorescent bulbs, powered by the wind or sun and eventually everyone would return to the land to live in complete harmony with nature the way the Indians did.

We’d all finally be one with nature.

There is a small problem, however.

All of this is a fantasy; it’s unrealistic, foolish and dangerous to actually think this kind of paradise can be realized without destroying our way of life, economy and most everything else we value.

Of course, this is the motivation for most of those in the radical environmental movement.

It’s amazing how these goofy ideas actually gain traction to influence public policy in ways unimaginable only a decade or two ago.

"Big Oil" is a political pejorative this election cycle and provides a convenient target for candidates of both political parties.

Are these people actually so naive as to believe gasoline, heating oil and other products we need can be furnished by small town oil fields, transportation fleets or refineries?

Why would any responsible public official believe it’s ok to place large areas of the United States off limits to oil and gas exploration and development in order to protect the environment at any cost?

Especially when proof is almost irrefutable the money paid to foreign governments for petroleum eventually winds up the hands of terrorists who want nothing more than to kill us.

Why would any rational person think it’s better to keep America’s soldiers in the Middle East to protect the supply of foreign oil rather than seek to develop the natural resources we have in such abundance here?

I suppose it’s because the environmentalists hate fossil fuels with such a passion and believe we can do it all with "alternative" energy sources.

I don’t know about you, but it kills me to agree with Ted Kennedy on anything.

One thing we do have in common is a dislike for those unsightly, hideous, revolting windmills that dot the horizon across portions of our landscape.

He didn’t want them interfering with his view; I don’t either.

At least I’m no hypocrite because I’m not one of these wacko environmentalists.

Besides, when you see those damnably ugly windmills only one in about 10 is turning.

And slowly to boot.

It’s fine and dandy to continue to pursue alternative fuel sources, but any rational, thinking person should understand it’s imperative to develop domestic supplies as well.

Oil shale in Colorado, big new finds of oil in the Dakotas and Nebraska, supplies offshore California and Florida, not to mention drilling in ANWR.

And, why not?

Especially now that we can drill with minimum impact on wildlife.

We desperately need to reduce our reliance on foreign oil.

It’s an economic as well as national security matter.

It’s just plain too bad we can’t harness all the gas coming from the environmental side of the debate.

At least then we might be able to get more than one of those repulsive windmills turning.

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