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Poor presidential choices

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Our Founding Fathers were full of wisdom, even the liberals; what few there were of them back then. The "progressives" of that day had more sense than to think government programs were the answer. My take on the Fathers is they all knew government was a necessary evil…and strove to limit that "evil’s" size to an absolute minimum.

I wish our current rulers were possessors of this simple axiom. Instead, today’s drift in governmental circles seems to be about paying themselves and their bureaucracy top dollar, "so as to obtain and keep the crème de la crème," as well as keeping government size ever on the increase.

Give me a break. The actual motivation of the ones giving the raises is to get a big fat one for themselves, knowing a lot of in-house flack would be coming their way if dollars weren’t doled out all the way around. And, these highly paid officials also plan on a lifetime career for themselves if at all possible.

As far as officials continually "growing government," it serves as a smokescreen to fool us into thinking they’re actually doing something for us. Stinking thinking, it is.

Actually, by doling out the big bucks to its bureaucracy, government ends up with a gondola load of inept employees drawing top dollar, which will hang on forever and ever, because better-paying jobs aren’t out there waiting for the incompetent.

The post office is a good example of this theory and the public schools have gotten that-a-way in a hurry. Sorry, but the proof is in the pudding.

I realize these are biting words but, in the form of government meant for us (by the Fathers), We the People have the duty and responsibility to choose our leaders, based on what we believe them to be about and then to hold their feet to the fire, if they turn out otherwise.

We are also to be brutally honest about what we know and see in our government.

Unfortunately, We the People may have fallen into about the same category as some of the above mentioned post office and public education establishment. Too many of us vote, not on the performance or philosophy of the candidate, but on name recognition…and incumbents always are on the receiving end of having their name most recognized on the ballot.

Failing to obtain reliable information on political candidates is not entirely the fault of the voter, in that really good information is not readily available, due to a faulty playing-favorites media and the musical chairs game being played by political party leadership.

But, enough of that…for now.

Shifting gears a little, yes, I’ve been criticized (a tad) for referring to Barack Obama as Obama Lama Dingdong.

Actually, I think that’s being toward the kind side. For example, with all the media telling us how bad the economy is (under George Bush, of course), the dingdong is promising one of his multiple changes will be in the form of a tax increase. Typical for today’s Democrats, yesterday’s Marxists and very possibly by the next four year’s presidential administration and Congress.

Unfortunately, though not nearly as philosophically off track as the dingdong, John McCain (the self proclaimed maverick) seemingly insists on shooting himself in the foot regularly.

With Americans super concerned about gas prices, deficit spending, a wacky stock market, job losses to foreign countries, etc.…and saying so, old bloody-foot’s advisors have come out and referred to us as a nation of whiners.

One wonders how McCain was ever able to get elected and re-elected to the Senate from Arizona with such stupid comments coming out of his campaigns. Most fifth graders would know better.

With such poor choices for president and with a strong possibly of liberals (Democrats) occupying the White House and gaining membership in the Congress, we should maybe see if any of our old Y2K stock is still good and begin planning big gardens for at least the next four years.

If all or most of the above happens, perhaps it’s for the best. Number one, maybe we’ll get what we deserve and, number two, Republicans seem to do better as the minority party.

Too bad Republican office-holders and leadership have not paid more attention to what their grassroots have been desperately telling them for the last 25 or 30 years. Some folks are just slow to catch on.

Maybe a number of those losing their elected and bureaucratic positions can get on at the post office or into public education.

May God bless.

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