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The lesser of two evils

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I wonder why? Do you recall, in your experience, the (apparently) inquisitive ones, especially the very young, sometimes up through students of college age, with a "why" question seemingly tattooed to the end of their tongue in response to simple, elementary statements?

Maybe you were one of them…or perhaps one of your rug rats had an automatic "why mommy" addendum attached to every instruction.

Have one of those?

Teachers know about those students, do you not?

Up to a certain point, you probably consider it as healthy, but only up to the point. Right?

And we dads have had the lads, with heads under the hood with us, inquiring past the point of reason on items they should have (by now) figured out for themselves.

Know what I mean?

Hey, as parents, we want our kiddos to begin putting two and two together at some early point.

Hopefully it will begin sometime prior to a changing of bubba’s voice or a fitting of sister’s first prom. Hopefully…

What got me started on this anyway?

Okay, since you asked, I’ll attempt to tell you.

This is the ninth summer we’ve spent in New Mexico. Mostly, we spend our time within the confines ranging from Angel Fire to Eagle Nest to Red River, over to Taos, then back to Val Verde, located above the Vietnam Memorial at Angel Fire.

Occasionally, we’ll travel over to Cimarron or down through the Red River Canyon past Espanola to Santa Fe or, more rarely, on down to Albuquerque.

Oh, I realize the "Land of Enchantment" brings, might we say, its fair share of The Far Side, eccentric, kooky, tree hugging, Jane Fonda-ian, one-time hippie-types, by the very nature and pull of its state slogan.

What radical environmentalist wouldn’t be seriously attracted to a land of enchantment?

After all, a primary definition of "enchantment" is: ‘a psychological state induced by (or as if induced by) a magical incantation.’

Or maybe you’d prefer ‘a feeling of great liking for something wonderful and unusual.’

Then there’s ‘a magical spell.’

Yes, I know a lot of Texans come up here each summer but, for the most part, the bow-legged ones, along with their Annie Oakley sidekicks come up here for some relief from the Lone Star State heat; not to receive a magical incantation…unless one considers getting out of the hot Texas summers a magical spell. I call it a cool spell.

But the point I’m straining to get at is "Liberals are the ones who are continually asking ‘why’ but don’t have the time to listen to the answer and don’t really want to know why from us."

The various reasons for Lefties not listening to solid answers on questions of the day range around: I already know the answer, have made up my mind on the subject, and simply want to laugh inside (and amongst ourselves) upon hearing your ridiculous conservative ramblings.

Translation: Bush, Cheney, and Halliburton are to blame for all our problems; Ronald Reagan and George Herbert Bush before that. Obama will cure (change) everything for us.

Four years ago Kerry would have done so, and before that, Algore would’ve and, Bill Clinton DID solve everything!

Michael Dukakis and Walter Mondale would’ve been peachy keen, had they the chance and Jimmy Carter just needed four more years, ad nauseum.

You get the idea.

Hey, they already know the answer and have made up their mind.

Don’t bother boring them and wasting their time with any of your silly traditional and conservative ideas.

They don’t know how to do the listening part after their eternal and forever "why’s" anyway. Ridiculous for us to even try.

Actually, their "why" doesn’t really mean "why."

A more accurate translation might be something along the line of, "I wish you’d hurry and shut-up; there’s a lot of enchantment to be listened to elsewhere."

After you get past the regular Texans, there’s a whole lot of folk up in this neck of the woods apparently eating silly putty and drinking dandelion wine. Actually, dandelion tea isn’t bad. Drink it myself.

Don’t you ever think I’d ever be casting a vote for Obama Lama Dingdong, though.

Not in a thousand years!

I’ll definitely be voting for the (much) lesser of two evils again. You should be too. May God bless.

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