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Its amazing were not dead yet

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It must be by the grace of the Good Lord we’re not all dead yet.

From predictions of imminent death by prognosticators of global environmental disaster such as hundreds of thousands of Americans dying from pollution, to millions dying of famine.

It’s enough to make one have nightmares.

If the risk of environmental disasters killing us isn’t enough we’ve had dire predictions about deaths from AIDS, the gift of gays, to SARS, gifted to the world by China. Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome had people running around with face masks in China and they were stocking up the shelves here as well.

Another looming disaster was avian flu.

That was all over the TV news with pundits speculating just how many millions an outbreak would snuff out.

Centers for Disease Control were coming out almost daily it seems with scary numbers and folks were in a panic. However, just to be fair to the alarmists, there were millions of deaths from avian flu.

They just happened to be chickens, but, hey, chickens are people, too. Just ask the nutjobs at PETA.

We’ve braved the spread of killer bees, not to mention fire ants. Yet, life just goes on. What happened?

It seems that one-by-one these terrors subsided and reality took hold. Now we’re back to telling ghost stories or watching them on TV. Oh, wait.

There is one more cause for hysterics in newsrooms, faculty lounges, movie sets and flashy nightclubs peopled by the glitterati. It’s global warming. Now that’s a stodgy, old-fashioned term having fallen out of favor for the much flashier and more malleable "climate change."

Fortunately for everyone there is a messiah to lead us to salvation. Can I have an amen?

How about a hallelujah? We have St. Albert of the Church of the Burning Planet to carry our fig leafs and olive branch clusters.

Well, those hallelujahs are beginning to fade just a little as climate has left the natural warming cycle and has entered a natural cooling cycle. This cycling stuff has been going on for millions of years.

You see, the world stopped its warming about ten years ago. Besides, change is something climate does very well.

It’s a matter that Hillary, Obama and John McCain can all believe in. Better yet, the hysteria is so beloved and we were never in any real danger to begin with.

The earth has been cooling now for the last decade and Al and his followers can do nothing about it. The solar cycle has peaked.

Sun spots have faded and the sun is much quieter these days. Shamefully, everybody but Al is cooling off. What’s remarkable is the United Nations agrees and nobody can disagree with the U.N.

The director of the U.N.’s International Governmental Panel on Climate Change concedes that nature has overwhelmed everything man can do and it might even be another decade before man can recoup himself and warming begins again.

Until then the U.N. and related bureaucracies have blown through billions of U.S. dollars doing "research" trying to prove man rules the cosmos and they are working diligently to keep up the hysteria.

A real cottage industry depends on its daily bread by keeping folks scared out of their wits by all these silly notions of impending disaster.

Whenever possible global warming skeptics are read out of the debate.

They are belittled and threatened with their jobs or grant funding.

The research director of the Royal Dutch Meteorological Society, for example, was dismissed when he questioned the science of global warming; so were the director of the U.N.’s World Meteorological Organization and several eminent Italian meteorological professors.

When several hundred skeptics, many with impeccable scientific and academic credentials, met this spring in New York for the reading of dissenting research papers, the mainstream media totally ignored it.

You’d think they, the mainstream media, were invested in the global warming scam, wouldn’t you?

John Coleman, founder of the Weather Channel, told the conference: "There has not been any [global warming] in the past, there is none now and there is no reason to fear any in the future. The climate of Earth is changing.

It has always changed. But mankind’s activities have not overwhelmed or significantly modified the natural forces."

And, there my friends, is the rub that annoys Al Gore, Jr. and his followers the most. Having to accept the proposition that man is just not as important as some of us think we are.

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