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Numbers for those who hear and obey the Lord will not be as great as those who will oppose

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Q. How do you plant a congregation?

A. I’m going to draw some examples from the scri ptures and use what the Lord did when he formed Israel into a congregation.

There are going to be some basic steps to follow and I will give a brief explanation.

Starting a congregation or getting a following isn’t hard.

Many false teachers have huge churches, organizations and congregations but that doesn’t mean they were sent by God.

So, the first thing is you must identify the leaders who have been sent by God.

Moses and Aaron were chosen by God and sent and they were challenged and tested and so will the leaders.

If they are sent by God they will be victorious while those who challenge them will be sifted like chaff.

You see, if God sent you it’s His job to vindicate you, so there is no need to worry.

The leaders themselves need to know that God sent them because when the battles get intense they won’t quit.

When all else fails and everyone leaves, that doesn’t mean you failed or that God didn’t send you, just don’t quit.

It will be that knowing and confirmation in your heart that will see you through.

He must speak what the Lord has told him to speak no matter what anybody says.

For example, it’s not easy trying to teach people the Law has not been done away with, that Saturday is the Sabbath, that pork and catfish are not to be eaten, that Christmas and Easter displease the Lord and that the Torah is valid for today.

It’s not easy trying to reach people with a message they don’t want to hear, but you going to say it anyway because you know that’s what He wants you to say.

You may offend people by being blunt, uncompromising and honest but they are upset because they can’t refute the simple truth.

Some will say you "confuse" them but they were already confused.

You must also use the principles of a Theocracy.

God is the head, not any man or organization.

The order is found in Numbers 30 and 1 Cor. 11.1-3 to name just two references.

Third, a routine must be set up and make it obvious.

Once that is established, set standards and order to that routine.

Fifth, you must be organized to avoid confusion and angering or offending one another.

Next, you must be mobile and ready to move when the Lord says move.

Israel moved 42 times in the wilderness.

Lastly, we must always remember that we are "sons of God" and that we belong to someone.

We are one "mishpochah" (family) with many clans but we are connected.

That will be important to remember when there is conflict.

Another thing to keep in mind is that you want the Lord to send people to you for teaching and instruction.

Anybody can make a church grow by telling people what they want to hear (which usually doesn’t include Laws) or have slick programs and entertaining music. I have never been impressed with big congregations or organizations.

That’s easy to do.

What’s hard is having a congregation when it goes against what the world wants.

You don’t want just anybody to attend.

The "mixed multitude" will cause trouble in the long run.

In my prayers I ask the Lord to send people He wants and to keep the others away and He does it.

And when people leave, others come and we don’t even have an outreach.

This gets back to the leaders.

They have to realize it’s the Lord’s work and they are His servants.

They need to teach the Word, verse by verse.

They need to be able to answer questions instantly and have a working knowledge of eschatology, the Temple, history, geography, Hebrew, times and seasons, culture.

They need to be instructed by the Lord Himself because that is what His people need to hear, the Lord’s Words.

The numbers for those who hear and obey the Lord will not be as great as those who oppose Him.

Out of the 603,550 men numbered for war in Numbers 1.46, only two made it into Canaan 40 years later.

When the kingdom was offered by one greater than Moses in the first century, the people rejected the Word again and they were in a second "wilderness" for 40 years and that generation died off too. So, don’t expect big numbers, that isn’t what impresses the Lord.

The scri ptural scenario is when God sends His prophets, the majority will reject it.

You will need to know the Lord, know the scri ptures and know your calling, the rest is easy! Anyway, I hope this helps and answers your question.

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