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A Tale of Two Parties

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Charles Dickens wrote a popular 1859 historical novel tabbed A Tale of Two Cities.

Dickens did good work but, for our purposes today, we’ll simply use his title in reference to a 2008 tale of two parties.

No, not the Democratic and Republican parties, though they will square off in possibly the most critical November elections of our lifetime.

The entities to which I refer are the two parties (entities) within the Republican Party.

And, within this enigma lies a root cause for Republican Party failures at the ballot box in 2006 and, unfortunately for America, the probable November 2008 Election failures.

Of course we know whenever ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, even Rush or Hannity refer to Republicans, they’re mainly talking about elected people; people who managed to get their name on the "R" side of the ballot and got elected.

That’s who they’re talkin’ about when they talk about Republicans.

I beg to differ with all of the above Media references and personalities.

If the truth be known, a preponderance of all those elected Republicans aren’t really Republicans at all.


So what are they? Well, I propose they’re whatever they decide to be in order to get elected.

Democrat or Republican; it makes no difference as long as the numbers fall their way on Election Night.

What these candidates stand for is certainly not the excellent GOP party platform, but they stand for getting elected, then re-elected, over and over again.

That’s mainly why the Republican Party has been and continues to be in big trouble.

So sad; a perverted form of representative government at best and, in the words of Pete Hogwaller (O Brother, Where Art Thou?), "That don’t make no sense!"

Falling easily into this camp of elected officials are the top party officials, especially at the state and national level.

Most of these people clawed their way into whatever level they have managed to attain in much the same way as do elected officials; via politics.

And, it appears they see their main job as getting people with an "R" beside their name elected to office.

Of lesser importance is the whether or not the "R" people are really Republicans…

I guess if the candidate manages to dot all the "i’s," cross all the "t’s," and passed the primaries unscathed, party officials consider he or she to be a Republican.

Case closed.

So who are the real Republicans?

Or, in accordance with the old 50’s Bud Collyer game show vernacular, To Tell the Truth, "Will the real Republicans please stand up?"

Well, I’ll tell you who the real Republicans are: they’re the regular men and women going to work every day of the workweek, they’re the stay-at-home moms, they’re the dad and mom homeschoolers, they’re the men and women in our armed forces.

They’re the retired people, folks who’ve completed their work-careers but haven’t dropped out of the mainstreams of society.

They’re the voters deep down in every voting precinct.

They’re the people who, every two years, go to their precinct, county and state conventions; who take the time to find out what’s really happening in the world around them, who take the time to compose and submit resolutions to their local Republican party, thence, hopefully, on up to the state and national resolution committees for adoption into state and national platforms that reveal what real Republicans think and really are.

They’re the people who study the candidates and the issues, then go to the ballot box and cast informed votes.

They’re the people who are concerned some closet Marxist politician might find his way into the White House and start nominating like-minded judges to the supreme and lower US courts and who knows what else.

They’re people who become delegates at the precinct, county, state and national levels.

They’re the people who are concerned about border security and illegal immigration and silly things like the Trans Texas Corridor.

They’re people who believe there is a god and know who He is.

They’re people who believe all little babies in and out of the womb ought to have the same chance to life and breath as everybody else.

They’re people who believe the Second Amendment is about our personal fire arms.

They’re people who believe government ought to be as small as possible, getting into our pocketbooks as little as possible.

They’re people who believe government ought to do its fundamental fix-the-roads, administer-justice duties and stay the hell out of our lives the rest of the time.

They’re people who believe government has grown much too fat, pays itself way too much and thinks itself much more important than it really is.

They’re people who believe in protecting the environment, do it themselves, but haven’t gone overboard and become environmental wackos.

They’re people who believe we ought to be energy independent, drill our own oil…meaning off the Left Coast and Florida waters, in Alaska, or wherever oil exploration thinks there might be some of the Jedd Clampett black gold.

That’s just a sampler of what real Republicans really are.

So put that in your ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN pipes and smoke it.

You too, Rush and Hannity.

May God bless.

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