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People wonder what will happen and what we will do when we get to $4 gas. Well, we are there!

Now comes late conjecture about $5 and $7 gas. Well, I will tell you what your favorite wannabe presidential canadate is afraid to tell you. Try this on.

People I know, wonder if they would work just to go to a gas station just to hand over a week’s paycheck to fill the tank of their car.

Is this the end of the SUV in America? The end of the soccer mom? The environmentalists are cheering. They have spent years trying to put you afoot!!

I don’t mind so much walking, but I hate for a bunch of do-gooders who don’t care about our country, or ruining your life and stopping all comfort and advancement to win!

What, you don’t believe this. Figure the price of filling your tank at $7 a gallon. What is going to happen to some one who makes $6 an hour and works 40 hours?

Of course the answer is one car family.

One who takes the other family members to work? No, that won’t work, because who in the family will do all the driving and work for nothing.

I hope you like having a bunch of enviro-wackos put you afoot! Do you realize we are not advancing into the future; we are retreating into the past. The walking past.

When our cars, then motorcycle will be replaced, will you be able to walk to the next family reunion?

When it is too late, how will we march on Washington, how about you? Can you even walk to your state capital?

There are people who will not be happy till all drilling stops, every where!

When I hear some one gripe about the carbon foot print you are leaving, and realize the people doing the griping are riding in giant jet air planes, arriving to the speaking engagement in a gas guzzling limousine.

Tell me, little bird, when you are reduced to walking, will Big Al be walking beside you, with a big happy smile?

When the oil that powers our good life is gone, will these same people squat beside your family fire, complaining about using up trees to fix the next meal?

NO, they will be living the good life in another country!

This sounds like another "inconvenient truth", a truth you cannot believe. I remember 18-cents a gallon gas.

A few years ago, you laughed at the idea of $4 gas, now five to seven is on the horizon.

The do gooders are lining up to say it is not their fault. They are partly right. It is only partly their fault, yes, to any readers I have left; it is partly your fault.

For electing money hungry politicians, not caring enough to even get out on the street and loudly comment on the path we are being led, by silver tongued Orators who have no idea where they lead us!

But, this of course, JOHN’S VU!!

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