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We have been made aware of how Obama can deliver a speech from in front of a teleprompter

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Obama Lama Ding Dong is a political lesson in progress for all America to see, if they will but pay semi close attention…and if they really want to learn a lesson.

All Americans means Democrats, Republicans, Constitutionalists, Libertarians, Independents, or even the far-out Green Partyites.

We have been made aware of how Obama can deliver a speech from in front of a teleprompter, enough to make the Teeny Bopper-mentalitied swoon. The key phrase here is "from in front of a teleprompter."

For instance, when having to defend himself because of multiple hate-America sermons by his 20-year preacher-man, Obama piles misstatement over forgotten lie, one on top of the other until he’s in a self-dug quagmire.

Though his loving network news interviewers have lobbed softball after softball his way, Talk Radio, Fox and Internet blogs have easily seen through his flimsy, transparent, political doubletalk smokescreens.

Obama is in serious trouble because his teleprompter is not capable of handling even ABC, CBS, NBC, or CNN (the Drivebys) softball inquiries. Certainly not the major league hardballs thrown his way by the aforementioned alternative news outlets.

Even so, sadly, somewhere near 50 percent of American voters will cast their vote for Obama or Hillary, come November. First degree murder perpetrated by either of the two on Primetime TV would not change many of the perpetual, sewn-up votes cast for Democrats every election cycle, irregardless of whether the candidate be a John F. Kennedy or an old yellow dog.

Such has politics become…

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…here in Ellis County, sadness generally reins because of the property tax statements being received through the mails. One report received by yours truly tells of an instance where a farm land valuation doubled since last year, from $2,000 an acre to $4,000.

So much for the repressed real estate picture. Guess our appraisal district hasn’t heard about that…

In actuality, if we property owners were to place our farmland on the market, and sell it, taxes on the inflated appraisal would have to be paid by the poor farmer, going back five years, I understand. So much for the inflated appraisals being good market news for farmland owners…or for anybody else, for that matter.

It’s all about insuring a continuing, uninterrupted revenue bonanza flow for the various governmental agencies from out of the pockets of We the People.

Our forefathers would turn over in their graves upon seeing how the form of government established by them has been turned on its head.

Elsewhere, it’s troubling to see how local candidates for political office…and others in the public domain, Obama-like, have resisted and resent honest questions from newspapers, such as The Ellis County Press (ECP).

In my mind, that media outlet is an Ellis County microcosm of the aforementioned alternative news outlets, whereas most of the other news media in our county is a microcosm of major network news or, in the vernacular of Rush Limbaugh, Driveby Media.

So, politicos and other public officials have become accustomed to softball-like probes or reiterations of their press releases reported in local news outlets (as news) and are so pleased (or relieved) with this non-reporting or parroting by the regular news as to become upset when genuine hardball questions are directed toward them from a publication (ECP) employing the traditional hard-hitting news reporting mold.

The people do have a right to know, you know.

Sadly, those who recoil from hardball questions, more often than not, flail out at the questioner (The Ellis County Press, in this case) rather than providing an honest, concise, possibly even painful response to hard questions. It’s kinda like a killing-the-messenger mentality, though…

Just throw the softball question up to them under-handed, as they stand at the public plate, I guess…

We the People are becoming the enemy to government rather than being its master, it seems.

May God bless.

PS. Don’t fail to go to the movies and see Ben Stein’s "Expelled." If you like the ECP, you’ll appreciate this movie. I saw it at the Mesquite 30 Theater.

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