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Taking principle seriously

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Though they’re not without problems of their own, of course, one of the few dependable civic/political entities remaining true to America’s traditional conservative heritage are grassroots Republicans.

This fact was brought home to me, yet again, last weekend in Midlothian’s sparkling new conference center at the county convention of Ellis County Republicans.

You gotta be kidding, Simmons.

As a major proof, I offer up the near-50 platform resolutions adopted by this convention of We the People bearing a Republican label. Republicans go through these important exercises every two years.

First and foremost, in my mind, is the attention given sanctity of life by Republicans for at least the last 25 years.

Included in this primary consideration would be prohibitions to abortion on demand, human cloning, and embryonic stem cell usage, especially in research funded by government. Euthanasia is included in Republican sanctity of life considerations. This should be of immense importance to a great number of us, as millions of baby-boomers have launched out into the granny and grandpa category, having actually been there for some time now. Republican grassroots have determined life is precious and should be protected from the womb to the grave…and have put it in writing.

The Second Amendment got attention in Midlothian last weekend. Citizen Republicans have the funny idea "THE RIGHT TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS" refers to all of us…except convicted crooks, of course.

Take that RIGHT away and only the villains will bear arms.

A lot of people seem to have a problem understanding this simple ‘right to keep and bear’ concept.

Actually, the Founding Fathers placed this amendment in the number two position, primarily because they expected would-be governmental tyrants to arise from time to time and wanted the people to have a ready-deterrent and final solution in such eventualities.

Private Property is of utmost importance to citizen-Republicans and is reflected in their party platform.

Outside of most elected officials, hardly any Republicans I know support the Trans Texas Corridor (TTC), which is part and parcel of a highly possible, eventual, North American Union (NAU), leading to lost sovereignty for the USA and to some form of an European Union (EU) clone over here.

Most TTC plans would devastate Ellis County, possibly even eliminating some of our lesser municipalities and, of course, take private property away with their "legalized" eminent domain take-aways.

Any form of illegal alien amnesty is opposed by the regular-citizen Republican delegates I know. Too bad Governor "Dapper Dan" Perry and President Bush fail to agree with most Americans on this issue, not to mention Obama Lama Dingdong and Hillary Hehe.

Another mainstay of the Republican Party platform is, of course, a downsizing of government, along with its natural counterparts: lower taxes and less spending.

Why do not our elected officials take this principal seriously?

Although government meddling in our healthcare system has already weakened it beyond recognition to what some of us old hands knew in years past, an even more intensive form of national government intervention, forming "national healthcare" would only give us socialized medicine.

Think you like the idea?

Ask the Canadians escaping to our doctors and hospitals for their health emergencies why they don’t stay up there in Canada’s socialized health atmosphere.

Now how does more government meddling into a system government’s already messed up with previous government meddling make any sense at all?

Only government officials and Democrats would see any kind of logic.

One more thing. Most of us know Media, large and small, has failed America. If propaganda or elected officials’ press releases is what you want; no problem. But most of us desire honest, balanced NEWS.

None of our county’s Kangaroo Newspapers (Australian owned Daily Light and its parrot satellites) were present at Ellis County’s dominant political party convention in Midlothian last Saturday.

Only the privately owned Ellis County Press was represented. Thought you might want to know. May God bless.

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