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Who said that?

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That’s the question!

When a friend says something in your name, are you still friends?

It seems that in politics a friend is only a friend when they can carry the message of the moment. The message which will get you elected. I have drawn back in wonder at the Obamanation, and his counterpoint the wicked witch of the east.

Both with other voices speaking "Off message," for her it was Bill trying to build her up by talking about his accomplishments. For him it was his preacher.

A man whom he put his faith, who was his religious mentor, adviser and friend.

Can Hil say Bill is wrong about anything?

If she does, then he must be wrong about her being qualified to be president.

So where does she go to say he is not speaking for me?

Let’s face it little bird, without Bill she is not in the race and no one knows the lady from Arkansas!

Whether she likes it or not, she is Mrs. Bill Clinton.

Wife of the former impeached, disgraced president.

That is a great deal of baggage.

No matter what Bill did or didn’t do, he was a great sax player!

Her great accomplishment was getting rid of many women who were trying to nail Bill for things that would have sent anyone not a popular president and sax player to jail.

When Bill speaks for her, will you see the baggage that sits at her feet?

It would seem to this ‘ol man she is caught between the rock and the obamanation.

She was in deep trouble until someone spoke who was the Abominator’s friend and advisor and now he must either disavow this person or disavow his religion.

Well he will do neither!

He will make you feel guilty for suspecting his anti-white feelings.

He keeps saying he will be the first African-American president.

Wait a minute, what about his white heritage?

He never mentions he is white! Why? Is he not proud of being white?

When voting for these two, it would seem you must listen to not only what they say but what is said by friend, relatives and advisors, even religious advisers.

Let’s face it in congress neither of these people has accomplished a thing worth relating.

It seems the only thing they have in common is the fact that they tried "unsuccessfully" to block ongoing legislation, support for our troops fighting to protect our nation.

What then of the conservative candidate?

Well let’s see, he has many bills in congress with his name on them.

Hey, I don’t agree with all the bills and legislature he authored, but at least he got off his chair and tried.

He is a conservative.

Look that up in the dictionary.

It means he will try to hold on to what we have.

What other baggage?

Well he risked his life fighting for America.

Can you picture either of the Democrats in uniform and carrying a gun to protect you.

Tell me, do you believe we could have talked Hitler into not fighting WWII?

Of course not.

Some where some time we will have to have a leader for our army.

A leader who can look our enemies in the eye and do more than talk.

Yes, he has baggage that we are all proud to see on display!!

This is JOHN’S VU!!!

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