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Sleeping or just not listening?

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Not to pick on any state in particular, but if the evidence confirms something is there, maybe a little pickin’on is justified.

What now, Simmons?

In this column a couple of weeks ago, I mistakenly attributed the state from whence Barack Hussein Obama came, as Massachusetts.

Though he could easily fit in, theoretically speaking, with the likes of Teddy Kennedy and John Kerry of the Bay State, the fact is, he is the junior senator from Illinois.

Anyway, upon discovering my error, thought processes began to whirl about in my mind, slowly adding up and computing some of the two-plus-two’s concerning the Land of Lincoln and its political history; even its political reputation, if you will.

Just the state’s license plate motto in and of itself (Land of Lincoln) confirms, to me anyway, something radically different actually occurred back in mid nineteenth century America from what I know most history books report.

Yes, Illinois is the state where Abraham Lincoln was born, maybe even in a log house.

And, Illinois IS the state where Lincoln began his political career but, according to authors such as economics professor Thomas J. DiLorenzo of Maryland’s Loyola College, the real Lincoln ain’t the same person we read about in our history books.

My take on Lincoln after reading DiLorenzo’s The Real Lincoln, Lincoln Unmasked and How Capitalism Saved America, along with a myriad of other authors’ excellent books on the subject is, though probably bordering on blasphemy to his multitude of worshipers, "Honest Abe" would have been better suited to making license plates (behind prison walls) than being revered on them.

Well, enough of that just now for one Illinois hero…

On a more recent historical note, Richard Nixon was sweating it out on television in debates with John F. Kennedy, though the race for President in 1960 was a genuine horserace, with polls placing Tricky Dick just a nose ahead of the PT-109 hero.

‘What to do…and where to go’ had to be the compelling question in the JFK camp?

Oh, how about Illinois, Chicago, for instance?

Hugh Hewitt’s book If It’s Not Close They Can’t Cheat, said, "There is no certainty Nixon won both Texas and Illinois [which he would have had to do to win the Electoral College vote].

"What is certain, however, is that massive voter fraud on Kennedy’s behalf occurred in both states.

"In Texas, Kennedy’s margin of victory was 46,000 votes, but Lyndon Johnson’s Lone Star state political machine could easily have provided that number.

"In Illinois, Kennedy won by a bare 9,000 votes and Mayor Daley, who held back Chicago’s vote until late in the evening, provided an extraordinary Cook County margin of 450,000 votes.

"No thorough investigation of the massive irregularities was ever conducted and partisans of Kennedy and Nixon still debate the bottom line."

I say Joe Kennedy’s money and connections bought his son the Presidency…that and JFK’s persona on the boob tube. Thank you Illinois.

Which brings us to Illinois in the here and now.

Introducing, from behind his Chicago pulpit, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright, Jr, Obama’s preacher man for the last 20 years, who don’t seem to like America, white people, or the history of either, according to his inflammatory sermons, hotter than Mrs. O’Leary’s cow reportedly made things back in 1871 Chicago.

Since Obama, like Hillary, doesn’t seem to recall a lot of his outspoken preacher’s remarks during the last two decades, one of several scenarios had to be taking place: either Obama sleeps through sermons…or maybe is not a good listener.

Could be Obama, like a lot of other politicians we know, hears what he wants to hear and blanks out everything else.

More likely, Obama has heard enough over those 20 years to know precisely where the Reverend Wright stands on everything and, sadly, is probably in general agreement with it all, though keeping it strictly in the closet, locked safely away…until recently, at least.

If otherwise, why would his wife, for instance, not be proud of America until now (with her husband riding the rockstar-like crest of political popularity…until lately, perhaps).

Mrs. Obama, who apparently goes to church with her husband and hears it all, may return to her previous impressions of America…if her husband goes into a slide and loses to Hillary.

Stay tuned and alert…May God bless.

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