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Environmental Wackos

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Okay, though most of us know better, let there be Tree-huggers if that’s their cup of tea.

However, when they get to the point of displaying, say, Al Gore-like tendencies and cause others to sacrifice on their behalf, the Hugger should have to pay.

It would only be fair.

Let’s take a look. California, for instance, is covered with freeways full of vehicular traffic, much of the Volvo and Subaru variety.

Hey, those little foreign jobs use fossil fuels too; same as your Ford or Chevy, even though a typical Toyota or Honda may sport evocative little ‘flexfuels’ emblems on its fenders or hindquarters.

Might this suggest the possibly of a dose of your left-over cooking oil, for example, as a viable fuel for their models (smiley face here)?

Nobody ever said the European and Asian car makers don’t know how to merchandise, especially for gullible folk expecting a one degree rise in the global temperature at any given moment.

Know what I mean?

Actually, I have a hard time visualizing a typical Jaguar, Mercedes, or Lexus owner with any excess cooking oil around their kitchens, used or no.

Even a working kitchen of any stripe is hard enough to conjure up.

Nevertheless, fossil fuels for vehicles owned by Leftists is a necessary requirement and must come from somewhere.

Same thing for their home heating and cooling, even cooking, for those who engage in the culinary arts, unless the dish is, say, Sushi.

So, what are we to do for supplying fuel to those folks?

Drill off their California coast?

I don’t think so.

Would you believe Southland Gulf Coasts…or, perhaps, Alaska is supplying their fossil fuel needs?

Yep. Except in the case of Mideast, Mexican, or Argentine oil, all of which we ought not to be dependent.

My solution? Since politicians are ALWAYS looking for new and innovative ways of gathering revenue (but calling it something else), why don’t we sock it to the Environmental Wackos for a change and give the rest of us a little break? The problem would be in locating any of the Huggers, once a dollar per gallon surcharge, for instance, was assessed their ilk. I have a feeling Al Gore would lose a lot of support, overnight, for the sake of that measly dollar…

I also think on and offshore drilling in the Wackos’ own backyard would also gain immense and immediate popularity at a similar rate.

Could such a scenario be possible in our lifetime?

With an Obama or a Clinton at the helm…and with the Congress slanted Democratically leftward, as is the current case; NOT EVEN A REMOTE POSSIBILITY!

Strongly doubtful, even with a McCain behind the Oval Office desk and a typically gutless Republican Congress in the majority steering the Ship of State.

Of course, Congressional Republicans are currently not in the majority because they have lacked the nerve to go with their grassroots base.

It’s as simple as that.

Pray for another "Reagan" if your expectation is for Republican officeholders making a match with their base of support.

True conservative leadership is rare and hard to come by, but must be there for dramatic and common sense governmental actions to actually occur.

Another solution for America’s fuel appetite: HHO.

Go to one of the many Internet sites discussing this amazing fuel made from water.

Try, for example, the YouTube site: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G6YYUOx6fBU&feature=related.

Something to think about. May God bless.

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