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Constitutional Thinking: Conservative socialists de-cloak

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For three years, I have warned Republicans of what Neocons are about; what they believe and how dangerous they are to our country. Understandably, many in the GOP didn’t want to believe they had traitors in the ranks. They wanted to believe they were conservatives. Now the evidence to the contrary is becoming so common, so in you face, it is undeniable.

The Aurora, Colo. shooting set off the coming out party for many “con-man” conservatives.  All of a sudden, supposed “conservatives” start calling for restrictions on the Second Amendment.  

This Aurora event has so many mysteries about it, it could be the script for an academy award winning Hollywood film. We need a completely independent investigation to find out what really happened, and not one done by the Federal Bungling Idiots (FBI) or their crooked friends at the BATF that stage false flag events killing hundreds. 

One prominent conservative was talk show host, Michael Savage, said on July 24, 2012, “the country has no right to allow any single individual, who is not a member of a police force, to buy a drum magazine.” Jews For the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, points out Savage used the word “allow” which is “suggestive of a privilege and not the right written into the Second Amendment.”

If you look into Savage’s background, you will see he is no conservative in-spite of his “borders, language, culture” talk to blind you into not looking behind the curtain. Last week I mentioned US Supreme Court Justice Scalia asserting it is up to the government to decide if “assault rifles” should be outlawed. Remember, he is a “black- robed” government employee.

People forget one of the first shooting rampages in the United States was done with a .22 caliber rifle in, I believe, Iowa in the 1970’s. Will the government be coming for them next? 

Ruppert Murdoch (FOX) went on Twitter after the Aurora shooting to express his support for gun control measures. Conservatives forget that Faux is “fair and balanced” which does not make them conservative, which they are not. 

They just have a few conservative shows to keep conservatives happy, and even that is becoming rare.

Bill Kristol, a big conservative spokesman but actual neo-con, came out against semi-automatic weapons. No surprise here. His father was a Trotskyite! Trotsky was Lenin’s partner in crime in communist Russia. It runs in the family.

Americans need to get over the belief that there is a left and a right in this country. There is not. There only real choice is between freedom and tyranny. The right (which we think of as conservative) is totally duped. While most conservatives have great family values and love of country, they believe that if you’re a businessman, you’re ok. Unfortunately, there are two kinds of businessmen.

One kind actually builds the business honestly and ethically over time. The other, uses government to shut down the competition, so their business can rule the roost. Much of today’s big business fits the latter category. Examples of this group include many of the big agricultural, chemical, energy and pharmaceutical companies. Monsanto is a great example of corporate evil. 

The left (which we often think of as liberal) is just as deluded. They believe most big business is automatically bad and out to take advantage of the worker. All they see is an enemy. Often, they neglect to realize the importance of capital and the proper use of it in building a business which then can employ them. While the left and the right fight it out on the field of public opinion, the gangster bankers clean up behind the scenes.

If they can keep us fighting one another, they can put in their world government under a United Nations Constitution instead of ours and have more of the constitution destroying treaties like WTO, NAFTA, GATT, NATO, Agenda 21, and or course, the World Court. 

Mitt Romney continues to look like he is warming up for a fight to take the “biggest looser” title from John McCain, in spite of Obama’s problems. His foreign trip proved out to be a disaster. Senate Republicans recently joined with Democrats to in effect change the Constitution and not have to review Presidential appointments.

El Presidente is allowing illegals to pay $450 to apply for legal status starting August 15th under the Dream Act. He’s dreaming about a day in November.

Now we have a second shooting event in Wisconsin with seven dead in a Sikh Temple, this time supposedly by a U.S. Army vet. It appears this may be part of a orchestrated campaign to discredit gun owners, patriots and veterans so they can disarm the American people. Expect more events.

Let’s out the Republican “conservative” socialists. Believing liars won’t get us back to the Constitution, but the truth will get the job done. 

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