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Constitutional Thinking: Complacent conservatives

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Recently I read an article on the Townhall.com website by John Hawkins. Hawkins, who runs the Right Wing News blog, points out many of the problems with conservatism today. It is titled, “Complacent Conservatism is Allowing America to Slide into the Abyss.” 

While the word “conservative” is worn-out, meaningless, and should be replaced with “constitutional,” the partially-awake author does point out some important issues. Many conservatives, tea-partiers and Republicans would prefer to ignore them.

Talking about the George W. Bush administration, Hawkins asks what was done by the GOP to move the country to the right, and answers, nothing of consequence except the Bush tax cuts, which weren’t even permanent. 

He does mention the proposed comprehensive immigration reform Bush favored which would have been a “Death Nail” to the GOP, but neglects to mention the unconstitutional legislation that was passed including the Patriot Act.

Hawkins talks favorable about several flawed proposals:  a Balanced Budget Amendment, Fair Tax and the Ryan Plan. 

He is wrong on all three, but he does make a point when he says, “The American people are instinctively skeptical of big changes, every Democrat will oppose these bills, and we’d probably need 65 Republicans in the Senate to pass anything of consequence because they’re so meek.” 

I don’t think the American people are afraid to be free. 

Most just haven’t taken a comprehensive look at real issues, and are instead just going along with their “thought leaders” down the road to tyranny.  

Individual thinking has been decimated by our indoctrination centers, called public schools.

It’s not that our Senators are so meek; it’s that they’re so sold out to socialism. They defend their unconstitutional voting. 

The “long-term victories” Hawkins mentions in the area of gun control, taxes, and with the Soviet Union are really only small, short-term and deceptive victories. The future is still in the balance. 

John complains about the GOP abandoning “a quarter of the American electorate to the Democratic plantation without a real fight”, referring to the scant outreach to blacks and Hispanics.

If top Republicans (like Romney) were real capitalists instead of “crony-capitalists”, they would have better success reaching minorities.

If they supported Ending the Fed, unjust wars and drug laws, many minorities would swarm to the GOP.

Talking about education he wonders where the conservatives are when the Al Gore movie is being shown and gay propaganda is being pushed in public school. I fully agree with his statement, “If you’re not willing to fight for your own kids, how are you going to fight for the country?” 

We need to get our children out of public schools if at all possible, or at least make sure steps are taken to counter the liberal teaching they receive there. 

Fortunately, there are fantastic resources available today online to help you in this task.

When we send our children to college, it is more of the same. 

They are taught by many admitted socialists, communists and even actual left-wing terrorists like Bill Ayers. 

It is no wonder your “conservative” children come home sounding like Karl Marx. 

George Romney, father of current Republican front-runner Mitt Romney, consistently showed he was a liberal. 

After losing the 1964 Republican Presidential nomination to Senator Barry Goldwater (a true conservative), Romney hated Goldwater so much that he voted for Lyndon Baines Johnson. 

Romney later had meetings with Saul Alinsky, the community organizer from Chicago, when he was Governor of Michigan. There are photos of them shaking hands after the 1967 Detroit race riots, and a 1968 biography of the governor quotes him as saying, “I think we ought to listen to Alinsky.”

I guess George Soros is right when he advises friends to not worry about Mitt Romney. Romney’s Dad has the same training as Barack Obama! 

An apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. No wonder one writer, Larken Rose (www.larkenrose.com) calls Mitt “the quintessential political whore: a delusional, narcissistic, opportunistic con-man …devoid of any shred of principles or integrity.”

It was good to see Hawkins take on the churches. 

He questions their encouraging people to stay out of politics since, “politics sure isn’t staying out of religion” and asks what churches are doing to counter the non-stop assault on Christian values. 

He suggests the use of modern communications to reach the youth. 

A truly Biblical and Constitutional message will be the most effective in reaching hearts of all ages.

Hawkins final point is that being right is not enough. “We have to be adults…who stand up for capitalism, Christianity and country while the liberals are telling everyone to go enjoy yourself, someone else will pay for it.” 

Liberals seem to understand politics better than conservatives, and they play for the long term. We have a harder task, but the goal makes it worth it.

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