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Constitutional Thinking: Winning the real war

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Unfortunately, the South Carolina Primary results provide ample evidence that most Republicans still have not come to face reality; they haven’t done their math, and they haven’t taken a real look behind the facade of their favorite candidates. Uninformed, most cast votes for socialists.

Let’s start with the math. First of all, mathematically, there are only two candidates with the potential to receive the required number of delegates before the Republican National Convention in Tampa; Willard Mitt Romney and Ron Paul. 

Newt “Gangrene” Gingrich and Rick ‘Sanitarium’ Santorum are not even on the ballot in enough states to gain the required number of delegates, even if they won all the states. In addition, they do not have the organization or the money to last out a national campaign.

Your choice is between a socialist Romney (whom George Soros tells friends in Europe not to worry about since he is very similar to Obama), or constitutionalist Paul (who every socialist worries about). If you hear someone complain about Ron Paul or say he can’t win, just think what they are supporting!

It is possible, even likely, that the nomination will drag out until the Convention, where compromise will probably reign. Herman Cain has now endorsed Newt Gingrich. Of course, they do have a lot in common. Neither one likes to be tied down to just one woman. 

Gingrich, the worst candidate of all, is a socialist/globalist that wants to destroy your freedoms, all proven by his voting record. These are recorded facts not up for debate: for example, think NAFTA, then the Omnibus Crime Bill of 1993, which set up family courts. These courts have created social chaos and destroyed millions of families. His rap sheet is long. 

The issue where many Americans are the most misinformed is on foreign policy. This lack of understanding has led them to take un-American and un-Christian positions. I often hear; “We need to fight them over there, rather than over here”, referring to “radical Islam.” Only emotion backs up this position. 

War supporters ignore all the evidence that has surfaced since 9-11 raising questions about many issues. We now know we went to war based upon lies, but we don’t seem to care. Supporters also ignore our supporting al-Qaida around the Middle East. We bring in the drugs that we have “war” on. Our troops guard the opium. Quit listening to neo-con media, and un-informed/sold-out preachers signed on to take your guns. Does truth not matter? What would Jesus say?

Now, we have lost Iraq, and we will eventually lose Afghanistan, all while destroying our military physically and our country financially. America is being ruled by fear. The only thing we have to fear is ignorance of what the socialists in both parties running Washington, DC, and our State Houses are doing to us, not someone “over-there.”

America is under attack every single day, and most Americans aren’t even aware of it. The socialists are attacking from all sides: our educational system, jobs, food, water, health, drugs, media, religion, culture and of course, our Constitution, all at the same time. Distracted by war, we are ignoring these attacks. Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin and other neo-cons passionately pervert the truth and don’t warn of the real dangers. 

The sodomy lobby is gaining power in America, our schools are a national disgrace, our jobs are disappearing, and our food and water contain all kinds of poisons. The FDA allows it. FOX admittedly lies. The court says ok. Government admittedly sprays poisons on us from the sky. Millions have been killed or injured by all of this. Abortion, aids and war alone have killed many times those we lost on 9-11. Why not win the war for your life?

Brandon Smith wrote an excellent article titles, “How to Avoid Voting for a Globalist Puppet.” He points out that we need to ask pointed questions, check candidates for consistency on positions and voting, and see if they are adding to or taking away our rights and financial freedoms. Here are his questions:

Have they every promised to investigate, audit, or dissolve the Private Federal Reserve Bank?

Did they vote for the Banker Bailouts? Do they continue to defend them?

Do they support the Domestic Spying measures of the FISA Act and the dissolution of the 4th Amendment?

Do they support the NDAA, SOPA, PIPA, the AUMF, the Expatriation Act?

Do they have overt ties to the Military Industrial Complex? Does it feel like they are just telling you what you want to hear?

Where are they getting their money from?

Few candidates for office at any level could pass this quiz.  Don’t give away your vote to any candidate that does not have consistent Constitutional positions or compromise on your life or freedom. Win the real war.

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