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Marines vs. the Taliban

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It would appear there is a desperate lack of appropriate roadside rest areas in Afghanistan, especially when a patrol of U.S. Marines need to take a potty break. 

The Obama administration should take note of this and proceed forthwith to shovel vast amounts of money for the construction of appropriate comfort stations for our Marines to use when nature calls. 

Battlefield potties are important and will become even more so in the future.

Instead of funneling money to remedy the problem, our Secretary of Defense and Secretary of State – Leon Panetta and Hillary Clinton respectively – have rushed to the TV cameras to express “outrage” over the now-famous incident where Marines relieved themselves on the bodies of dead Taliban terrorists. 

Mr. Panetta and Ms. Clinton have tried desperately to out-outrage the other. Mr. Panetta said what the Marines did was “utterly deplorable.” 

Perhaps Ms. Clinton topped him when she pronounced “total dismay” and was sure the “vast, vast” majority of American military personnel would never, ever do what those dreadful Marines did. 

It’s apparent she felt this situation was twice as bad as when the “vast right-wing conspiracy” tormented her sweet Bubba for diddling ladies in the White House or elsewhere.

I also get a sense that our White House officials are once again groveling to the politically correct winds blown up by Islamic pressure groups who don’t give two hoots in Hades about what atrocities those dead terrorists might have committed during their misbegotten lives.

Now, don’t get me wrong here. 

I’m not proposing urine is a proper salute even to dead terrorists, but if one is looking for equivalence between sawing off the heads of our military personnel, draping their dead remains over a bridge or dragging their dead bodies through the streets shouting “Allah Akbar” then perhaps one might come to the conclusion peeing on them is really pretty tame.

Individuals such as Mr. Panetta and Ms. Clinton look upon war as a policy option and never have to face the for-real stress, fear, or pain of being engaged on the battlefield. 

The only ones shooting at them are the press and pundits, most of whom are drinking their kool-aid. 

Rick Perry got it right when he said the Obama administration’ rhetoric showed a “disdain for the military.” 

Those incontinent Marines should be reprimanded, but filing criminal charges against them is unreasonable and ridiculous. 

Shucks, a newly-minted second lieutenant could have provided the chewing out rather than the administration’s big guns.

What 18- or 19-year-old kid hasn’t done something a little stupid on the spur of the moment? 

To call what these young men did a criminal act is way out of bounds. Inappropriate, perhaps. 

But criminal, no.

Americans raised in a culture of their Jewish or Christian faiths are undoubtedly better than that. 

Still, one must be cognizant of the pressures and stress these Marines are under day-to-day and not knowing if they’ll live to see tomorrow must weigh heavily on their minds.

Those old men who send young men to war should realize young men going to war, who were sent across the seas to protect and defend, and yes, if need be, to die for their country, can make mistakes in judgment. 

If they haven’t walked a mile in those combat boots then back off and take a deep breath.

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