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Desecration? Really? What about brutalizing the living?

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A military criminal investigation and an internal Marine Corps review are under way. The Geneva Conventions forbid the desecration of the dead..  Desecration? Really?

What about brutalizing the living?  What about the brutal beheading of American citizens by cowardly terrorists? What about dragging the corpses of American servicemen through the streets, or hanging them from bridges?

We teach our children they are not to fight, or even hit each other.  Our society demands a restriction on violence to an almost ridiculous degree today.  In days not so long ago teenage boys often settled their differences on the schoolyard surrounded by a group yelling fight.  

When it was over it was over.  Today there are charges filed and criminal history possibilities to follow them for life. We tell them they must not hit, and then train and equip them to kill. That alone is difficult enough, but put them in a combat zone where each day involves death and battle in the fog of war and it gets even worse.

Our Nation has seen the gradual rise of Liberalism to the point where we now seek out reasons to attack our own military for actions in the combat zone.  I guess we have forgotten the reason for war.  The purpose is to win.  If that is not the purpose then those who send our men and women to die should be punished, not those who go to fight.

For decades the United States was fortunate to have individuals strong willed enough to make hard choices.  Decisions were made to fire bomb Tokyo where more than 100,000 Japanese were killed in one raid. Decisions were made to firebomb Dresden, Hamburg and other cities in which tens of thousands more were killed.  Our military leaders had to put orders in place for our troops to take prisoners during the Pacific war because our hatred of the atrocities committed by the Japanese against our troops resulted in a no prisoner mentality. We used atomic bombs on civilian targets...remember?

Atrocities?...Barak Hussein Obama reacts with his typical knee jerk rhetoric, immediately  making an issue out of the situation.  As usual, he is quick with an opinion, but short on wisdom. I am reminded of a quote...He who thinks he knows, doesn’t know.  He who knows he doesn’t know, knows. One is a fool, while the other is wise.  One rejects knowledge, the other seeks it.  

Let us not forget his quick criticism when he stated Cambridge Police acted “stupidly” when they arrested Harvard University professor Henry Louis Gates; or when he criticized an immigration bill passed by Georgia’s Legislature that would give police authority to question people arrested on other crimes about their immigration status; or perhaps when he sharpened his critique of Arizona’s immigration law, while the Mexican ruler stood on our soil and derided our right to protect our borders.

It is clear to me this administration intends to destroy the moral, religious, economic, and social fabric that has made this Nation the beacon for freedom recognized throughout the world.  His whirlwind apology tour where he bowed and genuflected before third world potentates, sheiks, and dictators was our first clue.  

Now we see Obama attempting to make drastic cuts in our military to the point that we may be able to fight a 1 theater war, but we better hope nothing else happens. At a time when we need to be preparing for future conflict Obama, with no military service background and the weakest understanding of foreign policy of any President in history, decides what is best for our military future.  Really?

Atrocity?  How low are we willing to go to include acts within the definition? I think most can agree that it is an Atrocity to behead your enemy while he is alive.  Most would agree that to do so after death would also qualify. We shouldn’t have our men wearing necklaces of ears of fingers, or mutilating the dead either. 

A few young men who have been fighting, and KILLING THE ENEMY, do something as stupid as having their picture taken while urinating on a dead Taliban.  I say so what?  I would love the opportunity to urinate on a few dead Taliban myself.  I would relish the idea of taking some measure of satisfaction in an attempt to make me feel better about the fact that a group of low-life thugs came to my country and murdered thousands of American citizens on 9/11. I guess that makes me a bad guy.  Ask me if I care.

As a man now too old to go to war, I must watch as those too young must answer the call. As a patriot from a family proud to have served this Nation in wars past, I say leave the politics out of the war.  The military is fully capable of disciplining their troops without the input of a Commander in Chief with absolutely no understanding of war or combat, and most certainly a better understanding than the liberal talking heads of the reactionist media.

I guess it’s ok to kill them, just don’t pee on them.  I mean that is really bad, right? That makes total sense, right.  

After all, we wouldn’t want to hurt the feelings of a group of cowardly, low-life murderous thugs...oh sorry, I mean insurgents, or military combatants...that might make them really dislike us. 

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