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Constitutional Thinking: Afraid to be free

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This is the time of the year when many Americans are making “to-do” lists with goals of getting in better shape, losing weight, finding a better job, not losing on investments, or spending more time with the kids, etc.

I’d like you to add one item: “Do something for My Country.” 

It’s time we gave some attention to taking care of the Constitutional Republic we were blessed with. 

The old girl has been abused over the years.

Find a Problem you see in the United States that needs fixing and find a Solution. 

Need help? See the Problems and Solutions tabs on my website for some ideas. 

You have to care enough to want to do something. 

You have to become educated on the issue, and then you have to tell your friends. You cannot be afraid and be free. 

What if – you discovered almost all our media is lying to us about Iran and the Middle East?  

Even Glen Beck finally pointed out in one of his last shows that the government co-opted the media he was part of, beginning with the creation of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) at the end of the Wilson administration.

The 2011 FOX Holiday card pictured a sled race with FOX, ABC, NBC and CBS, all having sleds pulled by Sheep with Fox of course, leading with the most sheep. Do you get their message? If you’re you pulling the faux sled, get off the team and be wary of all Conservative talk radio. 

Bain Capital, of Romney fame, owns Clear Channel, which controls Rush Limbaugh, Shawn Hannity, Michael Savage, and many others. 

You won’t get “all the news you need to know” from them, but you will be mislead.  Listen to radio and read news on www.ConstitutionalSolutions.org recommended sources instead.

They won’t tell you the United States and Great Britain in “Operation Ajax” overthrew Iran’s pro-Western democratic Prime Minister in 1953 because British Petroleum wanted to steal all their oil revenues. 

We supported the Shiites to overthrow him, then, stuck the Iranians with the Shaw. 

Later, we turned on him and gave Iran to Ayatollah Kohmehni and the theocracy running the country today. None of this was Constitutional.

They want you to think Iran supports Al Qaeda. 

They think you are too stupid to realize Al Qaeda is Sunni, not Shi’a. There is no case for war with Iran. 

Even our Defense Secretary says they are not making a bomb at this time, and of course, we (Eisenhower) started their nuclear program. 

Do we attack everyone with a nuke? Should we bomb Pakistan tomorrow? 

They won’t tell you we are exposing our troops you claim to support with deadly depleted uranium. 

It was illegal until the 1990s when its use was allowed. Why? 

Health problems are exploding. 

What if - average Americans were now being x-rayed (fried) in their cars and trucks as they go through border crossings and check points? They are.

They won’t tell you the truth about your children being destroyed in the Public Schools. If you care about them and educational issues, you should read the newly revised edition of Deliberate Dumbing Down, by Charlotte Iserbyt and take action.

Today, many of our “religious leaders” I call “Pastortutes” are as sold out to evil as the money changers Jesus chased out of the Temple. 

This includes Tony Perkins, Richard Land, John Hagee, James Dobson and the majority of the 150 that met in Texas last weekend.

By choosing to back Rick Santorum, they show they really do not care about Christianity or the Constitution, just power. 

Besides being crooked and unconstitutional, now we learn Santorum was involved in dealings with the former Penn State gay coach Sandusky, Karl Rove and others. 

Look for more information to come out!

Don Wildmon of American Family Association and Tim LaHaye, a Christian fiction author, etc., have endorsed Newt Gingrich, a proven liar, communist and New Ager. 

Newt is such a wonderful guy; he goes to Bohemian Grove, where they bus in the male prostitutes every July. 

Does that make Newt a 5-Star conservative Republican?

Party elites want liberal Mitt Romney (Obama Light), as shown by its two biggest losers, Dole and McCain endorsing him to join their club, but most American’s don’t. 

Now we learn a Chief Romney Advisor, Mitchell Reiss, has ties to MEK, a Marxist/Islamic Iranian terrorist organization that kills American servicemen, citizens and does suicide bombings? 

MEK wanted to kill the American hostages in 1979 and is on the terrorist list. Romney won’t answer questions.

Come on Christians across America; don’t be afraid or deceived. With the CFR calling for bombing Iran, you automatically know it’s wrong.  If the elite and the lying corporate media don’t like someone, that person is probably good. In your heart, you know Ron Paul is right. Go with it.

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