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Constitutional Thinking: Choose freedom

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Part 2

Congressman McFadden (PA), Head of the Banking Committee, spoke in the 20s and 30s about what was happening to our country. “New Deal lawyers have no hesitancy in asserting that private citizens can contract away their Constitutional rights.” McFadden was so popular, that he was nominated by the Republicans, Democrats and Populists all at the same time. He died of poisoning on the third attempt on his life.

Adam Smith, English economist and author of “Wealth of Nations” wrote, “A man has to own and control his labor, because it’s the only way a poor man can, of his own initiative, change his status and raise himself up into another class from a lower class.” He knew, if you don’t own your labor, you are a slave. We all are, and the IRS agrees.

When they file a lien against you, they do it at the property office in the property role book. Basically, the lien is not on the house, or car, it’s on you, as a slave. America has been induced into excessive materialism trying to keep up with the Jones’, as the Fed prints up trillions in bonds which have collateral and interest tied to them. 

The interest rate must be high enough to attract buyers, and guess who the collateral is? Look in the mirror if you can’t figure it out, and think about where the word “bondage” came from. Our tax system was imported from England where it started in 1258. A mercantile system allowed commerce and trade in the ports. It worked so well, the King started using it to collect taxes. I am told there are only two books explaining this in the US, the Library of Congress and Texas A&M.

Actually, its origin goes back even further, to the Roman Republic. They started with a system of laws for citizens, with foreigners excluded. After 200 years, they created another system of law for foreigners, mostly merchants, etc. This contract law was simpler, and its use spread. Eventually, the original citizen’s laws and courts faded away.

In the United States, we started out with God’s laws and constitutionally protected rights. Through the tricks I have been writing about, we lost our original citizenship. Today these English/Roman laws are found in a modern form, called the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) with hundreds of government agencies running wild administrating the mess. 

Roger Sayles, a brilliant thinker on these subjects, asks, “How do you know it’s the UCC?”  Answer, because that is the body of law that handles negotiable paper and that’s the whole basis of the financial system. Why wouldn’t they use the same body of law for the financial system, where they’re raping the whole world that they’re using to enslave us?”

Congressman Robert Adams is warned Americans on January 26, 1894 about income taxes: “The imposition of the income tax will corrupt the people. It will bring in its train the spy and the informer. It will necessitate a swarm of officials with inquisitive powers. It will be a step toward centralization. It breaks another cannon of taxation, in that it is expensive in its collection and cannot be fairly imposed and finally, it a contrary to the traditions and principles of republican government.”

In 2012, Americans face probably the most critical election in our history. Iowa showed they are still confused. No real American could vote for Mitt Romney. His poor political record along with an “insider” donors list including Goldman Sacks, Morgan Stanley, Bank of American, and JPMorgan Chase, shows he is bought and paid for, “Obama Light”.

Romney’s business experience is as a corporate mugger, running a vulture capitalist hedge fund, closing down factories in the US and sending jobs overseas. Obama drools at the possibility of having him as an opponent. Once exposed, he’s finished. 

Rick Santorum is a serial hypocrite and was one of the most corrupt members when he was in Congress. He even saved liberal Senator Arlen Specter from defeat by a conservative in 2004, to later support Obamacare. He likes gun control. When enough people see this quote from Judge Napolitano’s TV show, Santorum is toast: 

“One of the criticisms I make is to a Libertarianish right; they have this idea that people should be left alone, be able to do whatever they want to do, government should keep our taxes down and keep our regulations low… there is no society where we have had radical individualism and it succeeds as a culture.”  Rick doesn’t understand the United States. 

Santorum’s voting record is big government socialist. Both he and Hillary Clinton speak out against the fundamental political ideals of America. Only one Republican still understands the Constitution. 

All the others deceive. Vote for wisdom, not empty beauty. As the monk said to Indiana Jones, “choose (your cup) wisely.”  God’s testing America.

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