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Simply Speaking: 2012 is here

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2012 is here, so write it down a few times, just for practice, before writing those first few checks in the new year. 

Of course, if the Mayan Calendar ends on Dec. 21st, as we’ve been hearing, we might not need checks for 2013.

However, if those Mayans knew so much, why aren’t there any of them around these days, maybe finding work in the calendar or some other related timekeeping business?

But, maybe we’d better ease up here on any premature critique of the Mayans though, because someone might bring up Congress or the President on their performances for, well, for what seems like an eternity.

Yeah, and some others might bring up a lot of other elected officials who excel at over-regulation and spending in the red, followed by excess taxation and not much else.

Which brings up, “We the People” have a gondola load of things to do long before the November elections and for as much time as there might be in 2012. 

So, while looking over the candidates for all the various elected offices and deciding where to cast votes in the Texas Primary Elections, we should also get an understanding of our role for participation at the precinct caucus, held immediately after the polls close on Primary Election night.

But back to the candidates, did you know our U.S. Congressman has been elected and re-elected for something like 28 years and has thrown his hat in for another two years. That is not the pattern for public service set up by the founders, no matter how good or bad their performance might have been. 

Holding an elected office was designed for getting in, doing your best for a term or two or three, then getting out and back into the private sector.

The longer one stays in elected office, the more likely one is to turn Left or simply get into a campaign mode year round and not much else. We see it all the time.

Also, our Texas State Representative has been elected and re-elected for something like 20 years. 

He also has thrown his cap in for another term. Whatever I said a paragraph or two above, same thing goes here too.

Both of these elected officials DO have opponents in the upcoming Spring Primary Election. 

If “We the People” are in favor of term limits, as most of us claim, the time to try and act out this desire is at Primary Election time. 

November will be too late in our neck of the woods. 

Why is that?

Well, it’s because we’re into a trend of almost exclusively electing people signed up and running as Republicans to public office here in our county, in our state, and mostly across the entire South. 

If we want to change out and do term limits on current Republicans, we’re going to have to do it in the primaries this spring.

If a Democrat happens to run against one of these incumbents, come November, he will likely lose, so there goes our chance for imposing term limitations.

By the way…and I know you already know this…just because a candidate is on the ballot with an “R” beside his name is no guarantee he or she is a genuine Republican. 

Chances are, if the demographics favored Democrats down here, as they did for much of the 1800s and for most of the 1900s, a majority of the current “Republican” crop of elected officials would be running sprints to get signed up and on the ballot with a “D” beside their name.

Do plan to get acquainted with as many primary candidates as you can before, what is it now, April, for the primary? 

Then plan to attend the precinct caucus (little convention) at your voting location just after the polls close that evening. 

You may write and submit as many resolutions (in triplicate) as desired, and they will be voted on there that evening. 

You may also express your desire, while there, to be a delegate to the county convention, held a couple of weeks later.

Chances are, your resolutions will be soundly adopted, along with your election as a delegate to the county convention.

And, chances are also that new friends will be found there too.

Well, that’s a thumbnail list of things to do through the remainder of the winter and into the spring…and are but a few of the duties we’ve been laying off on for much longer than it’s been since we’ve had a hot steamy bowl of Wolf Brand Chili.

May God bless.

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