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Constitutional Thinking: America at a crossroads

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I guess most Americans realize we are getting close to kickoff time for the long political primary season that runs from January 3rd to July. All constitutional conservatives are hoping to knock liberals (socialists) out in the primaries so the final candidates in November will not leave us holding our nose as usual and voting for the lesser to two evils. 

It continues to appear the American people are finally waking up and realizing they can not trust their government to do the right thing unless they are constantly watched. Almost everyone I talk to says we need to get our Republic back. Unfortunately, many more Americans still need to realize they need to be in the fight, and you can’t win it sitting on the couch in front of the TV. You need to become involved with groups doing something, not just complaining, and you need to be constantly educating yourself on the issues.

Our local Tea Party, for instance, has done a lot of good educating on some important issues like Agenda 21, and last Saturday, on Islam. Americans need to realize that it is not a religion, but a totalitarian system controlling almost every aspect on a follower’s life. Our guest speaker gave a good brief summary of Islam’s history and objectives, but unfortunately, she also illustrated one on the problems we frequently face in political matters.

As a leader in Act for America,  Dorrie O’Brien is focusing on one issue, which led her to express a liking for one of the most liberal Republicans in Congress, Steve King, and the increasingly disappointing Alan West, because they vote here way resisting Islamic influence in America. Being questioned about that from the floor, she defended the liberal King saying “you can’t agree everyone on everything.” 

Our members of Congress need to be “A rated” on their constitutional adherence (90-95% min.) regardless of the issue. Liberals just don’t get it or they don’t want to. 

Instead of becoming more constitutional, members of Congress are increasingly becoming “Domestic Terrorists” in destroying the Constitution and Bill of Rights for 30 pieces of silver. This police state Senate Bill 1867 nightmare passed by a vote of 93 to 7 on December 1. 

Congressman Alan West is involved in giving us the National Defense Authorization Act Sections 1031 and 1032. Real friendly stuff, like: your right of habeas corpus is somehow a threat to national security, your committing a belligerent act (like waving a pocket constitution maybe?) makes you a threat, and it says they don’t have to detain US Citizens (but what if they want to?). 

This bill contains on procedural safeguards. A person could disappear in a military arrest and be held in indefinite detention without trial. It’s no wonder senators worked on this bill in secret. As Attorney Jonathan Emord points out, “In one sense, a terrorist… is not unlike a politician who with more refinement achieves the same end by codifying provisions that render null and void the fundamental rights to habeas corpus, the Due Process clause of the Fifth Amendment, and the rights of the accused protected by the Sixth Amendment.”

While the House of Representatives and Senate continue to work to do us in, I put out a warning letter good for all Tea Parties nationwide last Saturday, reminding them in light of our recent Pearl Harbor remembrance, that governments often run false flag attacks to achieve their desired political objectives. 

Government documents, declassified in 1967, reveal that we knew about the attack ahead of time. The Honolulu newspaper even ran a bold headline, “Japanese to attack next Sunday” a week before. Our government and FDR allowed Pearl Harbor to happen. 

Following passage of the Defense bill, it appears our government is ramping up the 500 FEMA detention camps around the country. The US Army website now offers a new specialist. Don’t believe me? Go to www.goarmy.com. Search in Careers and Jobs for Internment/Resettlement Specialist (31E). 

See more about all of this at: www.infowars.com. Will we allow our America to turn into an internment camp?

In Presidential primary treason, Tom Thompson, Tea Party hijacker, son of a former New Hampshire Governor, Chairman of New Hampshire’s Americans for Prosperity (a neocon group), has come out for Mitt Romney. AFP, bankrolled by the Koch brothers, has been working to make the Tea Party movement a big government Republican support group. Even Al Gore likes Romney on climate issued. 

The All-American liar and current supposed Presidential frontrunner, Newt Gingrich, has as his favorite President, Franklin Delano Roosevelt. What planet does Newt live on? This creature, along with Romney, would make an Illuminati Dream-Team for 2012. 

Americans must do their research (www.constitutionalsolutions.org) on the candidates. If not, the criminal bankers working for European Royalty, will complete their Circle of Intrigue, and possibly finish off America. 

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