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Rejecting ‘Occupy’ Wall Street

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It’s impossible to describe how envious the loony left was when Tea Party protests cropped up in 2009. This envy has caused them to embrace the “Occupy” Wall Street rabble in New York City which has metastasized to other cities across the nation. While Tea Party enthusiasm carried over into the 2010 elections it is doubtful the OWS will have the same impact in the 2012 elections and here is my opinion as to why they will not.

Unlike the Tea Party with its clear message of smaller, less intrusive government, the “Occupy” Wall Street occupiers have a potpourri of juvenile demands ranging from free college educations and an annual living wage to “forgiveness of debt for the entire planet.” One protester even opined as to how the solution was to do away with money altogether. Talk about someone who needs to take Economics 101!

Many of the usual vacuous, empty-headed, narcissistic glitterati from Hollywood are showing up at these rallies. They come by limo fresh off their private jets. Millionaires like Michael Moore have made appearances. Moore tries to pass himself off as “one of them” but that ignores the fact of his multimillion dollar estate in a swanky lakeside property where the outspoken “Occupy” Wall Street supporter’s neighbors include Hollywood bigs Bruce Willis, Tim Allen and Madonna. The blog MichiganView reported the liberal icon’s neighbors also include millionaires such ex-Chrysler Chairman Bob Eaton and boat mogul John Winn -- exactly the types of fat cats the rotund agitator regularly skewers in his work. Kanye West showed up wearing gold jewelry worth more than most of the Occupiers make in a lifetime. What these nimrods just don’t comprehend is those stars are part of the 1%.

Unlike most Tea Party rallies, there have been numerous arrests at these protests. The crowds ignore city ordinances about over-night camping on public property, doing all sorts of foul things in public, hygiene problems, filth, lice, and God only know what. Nearly a thousand have been arrested blocking the Brooklyn Bridge, snarling traffic for working folks trying to get to their paying jobs. Hundreds have been taken into custody in Chicago, Boston, Oakland and other cities. I’m not aware of a single arrest at any Tea Party rallies where the attendees are law-abiding hard-working stiffs who are tired of government confiscating the fruits of their labor.

While most Tea Party people are loyal, patriotic Americans the “Occupy” Wall Street crowd look upon the United States as the enemy. The American flag is trashed, desecrated and flown upside down. A female Coast Guard officer was spit upon and harassed near the Boston rally. In Portland, Oregon, a speaker said “F*** America.” Most of these loony morons would like nothing better than to see the decline and fall of their country.

It must be extremely gratifying to the OWS gaggle to be roundly praised by the American Nazi Party and the Communist Party USA. Doesn’t that say a lot about who these people are? From aging hippies trying to relive their glory days long gone to the younger anarchists who have nothing better to do, many of these protesters show up at any left-wing demonstration. These people are truly the dregs of our society.

Contrary to Tea Party rallies where the grounds were generally swept clean of all trash after the events which left the areas cleaner than when they arrived, the “Occupy” Wall Street protesters pile up garbage and leave mounds of filth creating a public health hazard. Can you imagine what some of these people smell like after several weeks without a shower? 

Even a self-respecting pig would want to hold its snout and keep its distance.

Tea Party rallies are always full of clever signs, poking fun at big government and Barack Obama while honoring the Founding Fathers and our Constitution. Contrast that to the “Occupy” Wall Street signs which are characterized by misspelled words, profanity and inane statements like “One day the poor will have nothing left to eat but the rich.”

Characterizing the Tea Party as racist, the mainstream media hasn’t made much noise over the anti-Semitic views expressed by some of the OWS protestors. Given all these reasons it is my humble opinion the “Occupy” Wall Street crowd will return to nothing from whence they came. And, to tell the truth, it’s just as well because they have nothing worthwhile to add to the debate.

One final thought as scary as it may be: These nut cases are the product of our public education system. Yuck! 

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Fraud Detector 12/12/2011 12:21:11
The above editorial was stolen from:

Top 10 Reasons Occupy Wall Street Is a Joke

by Human Events

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