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Constitutional Thinking: Solutions for America

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Part 2

Newt Gingrich is a New-Age disciple, and folks, that is really Communism. He’ll quote anything he thinks you want to hear to fool you into supporting him. Of course, he lies even better than Bill Clinton and attended Bohemian Grove. With Clinton, lies showed, but not with Newt. By November, all this will come out.

The bankers have their other preferred candidate ready in Willard Mitt Romney (Pretty Boy), the long time establishment Republican. Mitt may be hiding his Communist Party USA Membership Card from public view, and like Newt, he qualifies for one. If it walks like a duck, it probably is a duck. 

His liberal (read Socialist) positions on  RomneyCare, abortion, gay rights, sending jobs overseas, etc., mean true conservatives will not work this election, causing Republican losses from Congress to city hall. Fake conservatives, neo-cons like CFR “kiss-up” Mike Huckabee and Ann Coulter keep pushing him. Don’t choose fools gold.

We CAN NOT allow either of these CREEPS in the WHITE HOUSE. Read the 3 articles about them: www.newswithviews.com/Nelson/kelleigh121.htm.

Cain, the very talented businessman, is out of the race for the wrong reason. His transgressions saved ignorant Republicans from themselves, but now he has endorsed Beelzebub (Gingrich) for President. With his FED background, he should never have had any conservative support. His 9-9-9 plan and his “Rick Perry Moments” show he does not have the background or understanding needed on the issues. 

Rick Perry and Michelle Bachmann have faded badly with their misstatements, and neo-con foreign policy. Perry recently made three mistakes in one sentence. His policies in Texas along with his Bilderberg visit should have ended his effort long ago. Glen Beck, the on again, off again constitutionalist, said he would likely vote for Bachmann and trusts her. Just watch any politician or media pundit carefully; their true colors eventually come out. Sorry Glen, but you flip-flops are showing. 

Fortunately, there is a consistently constitutional candidate that is currently in either first or second place in both Iowa and New Hampshire. 

He has the fewest negatives of any candidate, more military support than all the others combined, and can easily draw all voters of all ages and persuasions, because they know he’s real for a change. The more people know about him, the stronger he gets in the polls. 

Paul easily won the last Foreign Policy debate over his increasingly incompetent opponents Nov. 22. If you are for continued wars, you are working against the Constitution and American survival. Check out: www.RonPaul2012.com.

Second, we must become much more aggressive in spreading Constitutional thinking to our friends. We need “friends educating friends.” We also need to be educating strangers. After all, we all are in the same boat, and it is leaking badly. Talk to everyone. Give them a flyer, CD, DVD, or something with some information to grab their attention. 

If I were to pick one issue to study up on and then give that information to your friends, it would be the issue of Sustainable Development, UN Agenda 21. This plan will affect each one of us personally. They want to spy on us and control our electricity with smart meters. 

They want to control your food, your land (HR1505) and your water. Call both your Senators now at 202-224-3121 and tell them to support the Barrasso Heller Amendment to defund the EPA Wetlands Regulations.

Our failure to become educated and involved in political issues is taken as in OK by our enemies to do what they want with us, and they’re trashing our Constitutional Republic.

Third, we must revitalize and strengthen the Tea Party movement across America and do it quickly! It is late in the game, but there is a basic structure in place. The Tea Parties need to be making sure constitutionally conservative candidates win in the Primaries. If closet socialists get the nominations, how can we restore our Republic? 

The best choice would be for the Tea Parties themselves to select members from their ranks to support for a run for office. Tea Party persons need to be running for as many public offices nationwide as possible. Those selected need to know that the same group that got them elected will unseat them for unconstitutional voting the next election. 

Tea Parties also need to grow to be ready for the tough upcoming campaign. Obama, our first affirmative action President, or anyone that might replace him on the Democratic ticket, will have a standing labor army ready to hit the streets next fall: Note the NY and DC Occupy Wall Street groups headed by two Muslims, and remember what is going on in Wisconsin. 

America is at a crossroads. We need constitutional boots on the ground to save America. Put yours on and join in! For the Ellis County (TX) Tea Party, that means 6 p.m. this Saturday. See you there.

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