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Simply Speaking: Ranger and Tonto

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As time marches on, more and more prognosticators in the faith are declaring we’re in or nearing the end of the age, as they look around at plentiful signs. 

I, even I think the signs are out there…and getting stronger and more obvious to those who watch.

In my younger years of radio listening, there was a favorite known as the Lone Ranger, and he had a faithful Indian companion who was expert at “reading” signs. Of course you seniors know and remember Tonto. Together, they tracked evil-doers, located them by reading the signs they left behind, captured them and let officials and citizens administer justice.

In those long-gone days of yesteryear, justice was important to officials, to citizens, and to those who brought law-breakers to the seats of justice. Making a name for oneself was far down the list of priorities if, indeed, it was there at all. Doing the right thing far outweighed any thought of climbing the ladder of fame and fortune.

At least that’s the way the Ranger and Tonto looked at things.

Today, I’m not so sure or, maybe I am. Priorities are all out of kilter, certainly in officials, and to too large a degree, in the lives of citizens as well. So let us look around for signs.

Citizens AND officials complain loudly about spending, regulation, and the passing of enforcing the myriad of regulations down to lower forms of government. 

For instance, Washington says we’re going to build a dam and they spend a lot of money to do so. 

And they get a lot of re-election votes for building the dam. Good deal all around.

But as time passes and Washington’s overhead consumes more and more revenue…and time comes to maintain the dam, it is decided the state could now do a better job of maintenance, since they are closer to the dam (they always come up with good’ens when passing the buck).

So here the state is with this new unfunded chore, and since they too are up past the neck in overhead, same as Washington, they say, hey, the county is even closer to the dam and they would do a much better job than we so, on passes the buck.

Being near the bottom of the governmental totem pole, the county checks its treasury, only to discover their overhead has also consumed most of its contents. The spending was so easy in the good times, but here we are in the bad times and the piggy bank is bare.

The leaders want to look good and efficient and be re-elected, but where oh where can we get the dough to maintain business as usual? 

They’ve exhausted the government handout store and cannot quickly think of another hidden tax. 

The real estate market is lower than anything else, so we can’t go the appraisal route this time. What oh what shall we do?

    A little voice from somewhere, seemingly way off says something like, “Why don’t you cut spending? That’s what you cry out for the state government to do. That’s what you cry out even louder for Washington to do. Why don’t you start here and you do it?”

But none of the officials, or any of their bureaucracy, or any of the establishment hears the little voice. Besides, they’re not even sure there was a little voice…and even if there was, it was so small, it must be totally unimportant, “Let’s pass the buck on to the very foundation of the totem pole. 

“We could file it under soaking the rich and everyone would be happy…except the rich and some of the middle class and the unemployment would be way down the line and the little voice, if there really was one, would never make the connection.”

Of course the Lone Ranger and Tonto, even Silver and Scout, know how to read signs, would know whether there really was a little voice…and to whom the little voice belongs. We know too, don’t we? 

It came from the very foundation of the totem pole.

May Yahweh bless through Yeshua, King of the universe.

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