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Constitutional Thinking: Solutions for America

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America, we have a problem! We have allowed the core elements of our Republic to be stolen from us by socialists and their controllers. I think most Americans, if they finally realize what has happened, will demand our full rights under the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution back, whatever it takes. The problem: Most Americans do not have enough information to reach that boiling point. We must speed up the educational process. You had better sit down. This is a gut check. 

First, we must learn to be careful with where we get our information from and whom we trust. Politics may be the gentile side of war, but it is still war and about control. Does any General tell the enemy ahead of time what he plans to do? No, not unless he wants to lose. Deception is a key part of the game and the socialists use it, while conservatives want to just trust and not verify. Communism, Islam, etc. encourage lying to win as part of their battle plan. Others do too and just don’t tell you.

If conservatives, constitutionalists and tea partiers are getting their information fed to them by those secretly working for the other side, it’s no wonder we lose. For example, Dallas Tea Party leaders were tricked into promoted charter schools last year by showing a badly misleading film, not realizing that charter schools are part of the communist education system planned for us. See: www.deliberatesumbingdown.com and www.americandeception.com  (see the education section) for great information.

Lots of conservatives believe American’s for Prosperity National, Heritage Foundation, etc. are good groups and attended their events. I have also. Unfortunately, they are neo-con or at least a willingly deceived organization (neo-cons or neo-conservatives are the offshoots of the Trotsky faction of Communism) that sprung up out of the University of Chicago. 

Americans for Prosperity bring in neo-con speakers to brainwash you. They say most of the right things, then, they slip socialist poison into your drink (thinking) after you trust them. You don’t recognize it. I’m talking about the Mark Levin, Shawn (I’m a Great Liar) Hannity, Michelle Malkin, Michael Reagan type pigs. Neo-cons always compromise. Confused or think I’m wrong? You must read: www.newswithviews.com/Nelson/kelleigh106.htm - all 3 parts.

Republicans continue to prove they can not be trusted. Of course, no politician can be, but Republicans claim to be working for us. They lie, otherwise we would not have a Super Committee, and unconstitutional government would have been rolled back when they had total control.

Now look at what Congress is preparing to do to us, a RED FLAG event if I’ve ever seen one. Republican and Democratic traitors, crazed by their idiotic losing war on terror, passed the Patriot Act basically killing the Fourth Amendment. Now they are working on killing the Fifth Amendment with Senate Bill S.1867, The National Defense Authorization Act. 

The Senate is set to vote on a bill this week that would define the whole of the United States as a “battlefield” and allow the U.S. Military under orders from the President, to arrest American citizens in their own back yard without charge or trial. 

Its intention is to make legal (not lawful) the crime of unlawful detention without due process. You can thank traitors like co-sponsor, John (I love destroying the Republic) McCain and the closed-door Senate committee that passed it without discussion.

Since the Department of Homeland Security characterized behaviors such as owning guns, using a watch or binoculars, using cash, taking photographs, using a telephone or email, buying gold, having a bottle of water or a road atlas as terrorism, who isn’t at risk? U.S. troops have been in training to arrest American citizens for well over 10 year. Why do we need this law right now? Do they know something we don’t? Call your two creeps right now and tell them, “No Police State” – vote NO on S.1867.

That brings us to the Presidential candidates for 2012. We know in advance the Democrats and Greens will nominate socialists at best. We know the libertarians will nominate a mostly constitutional candidate. 

We know the top rated Constitution Party will be 100 percent constitutional. The only question remaining is: What will the Republicans do? If history holds, they will nominate a socialist, since that is what they have done for 80+ years outside of probably Goldwater. Reagan’s record (not talk) disqualifies him. 

Newt Gingrich (the strengthen the Nazi Patriot Act guy) failed as Speaker of the House (Republicans revolted), lies like a rug, is a New Age communist that did an ad with Nancy Pelosi as a believer in Global Warming and favors amnesty for illegals. Newt’s negatives are way too high to win the independents. Neo-con Newsmax has Bill Clinton praising him. Can Republicans really be this stupid and put up a “worse than Obama” Dole-like ringer? Yes.

Stay tuned.

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