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Constitutional Thinking: American history: The road from a republic to democracy

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Part 5

The man behind the scenes, Fabien socialist, Colonel House from Houston, was according to President Wilson, “my second personality. He is my independent self. His thoughts and mine are one.” House’s father made his fortune as an agent for English banking interests during the Civil War, managed to keep it, and he said he wanted his sons to know and serve England. (See, Creature from Jekyll Island). Mr. House’s letter to Wilson continues:

“Without realizing it, every American will insure us from any loss we may incur, and in this manner, every American will unknowingly be our servant, however begrudgingly. The people will become helpless and without any hope for their redemption, and we will employ the high office of the President of our dummy corporation to format this plot against America.” 

“We the People” are the collateral for their Federal Reserve Notes, Treasury Bonds, and since the bond market is ten times the size of the stock market, they are making a fortune on us. It’s no wonder most of the TARP bailout money went to banks, not the people, as the audit showed. 

Our Congress is criminal, aiding and abetting the crime family by helping hide all this information from us. Fire the “closet socialists” in the 2012 primaries. 

Good bye, Joe Barton.

To sum up this Series: What do they have to do to you and our Constitution before you will get you rear end off the couch and get into the battle to restore the Republic? Do you still have a heart and soul? You must choose your side. 

History shows that those that sit on the sidelines, are killed first! A warning to police and military: Those serving the system also are killed early, because they see you as a threat to them. Please join with the people and be on the winning side:

We are no longer a country or Constitutional Republic; we are now a Corporation with a corporate President – Title 28 3002 15 A, B & C. 

We no longer have our states; they are administrative units. 

We no longer have our money; they took our gold and silver in 1933, and gave us debt. Debtors don’t have rights, and worse yet, there is no end to our debt.

We no longer have title to our property; they took our allodial titles away by making all land commercial. Remember, all our rights come from the land.

We no longer have our common law; they put in statute law to replace it.

We no longer have our courts; they are vice-admiralty (martial law) courts.

We no longer own our vehicles; try to get a manufactures certificate instead of your fake title.

We no longer have real Senators in Congress representing our states in DC.

We no longer have freedom to work; we have restrictions and license laws.

We no longer have the best school system in the world; high school grads are in 19th place, and our brightest do little better. Our schools are destroying our children.

We have had open borders both before and after 9-11, Balkanizing our country.

We no longer have our military; it is the corporation’s military working for corporate goals. Wars are profitable, so we have a lot of unconstitutional ones.

We have the IRS and ATF, agencies of the IMF, incorporated in Puerto Rico.

We are all now registered government employees with birth certificates.

Now consider some other things this “loving” corporation does to us:

Their military helps grow, guard and bring in drugs into the country. You foolishly send your sons and daughters to serve, and they give them poisonous injections, and cut off death benefits to their survivors. You wave your Chinese made American flag.

They put both the shoe bomber and underwear bomber on the planes after 9-11, and knew about the Ft. Hood killer, but protected him. You don’t care.

They spray us with “Chemtrails” containing barium salts, aluminum dioxide, sulphur, etc., and we see Alzheimer’s skyrocketing. You don’t care.

Child Protective Services heads nationwide are often perverts. Children are 17 times more likely to be molested in their care. You don’t care.

They contaminate our water with fluoride and other poisons, and most dentists, ignorantly, give your children fluoride treatments. You don’t care.

They are putting in a Homeland Security Gestapo that radiates or gropes you and your children, and will soon do much more if not stopped. You don’t care.

They allow poisons in our food and genetically modified foods. Cancer is up 3,000 percent. You don’t care.

They send our jobs overseas due to NAFTA, GATT and other trade deals, and most aren’t coming back. You don’t care.

I hope you’re becoming mad as hell and won’t take it anymore. Quit living the illusion. These are just the short lists of their crimes. Documentation, help and solutions are coming. Happy Thanksgiving! 

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