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Constitutional Thinking: American history: The road from a republic to democracy

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Part 2

According to Black’s Law Dictionary, a “National Emergency” is “A state of national crisis; a situation demanding immediate and extraordinary national or federal action.” 

The American people need to realize that, while National Emergency’s happen, they always place our Republic at risk. Every war or financial crisis from 1789 to 2011 has either threatened or changed the structure of our government and even the people themselves. Good people often do stupid things out of fear, whether the emergency is real or created.

Both the British and American people were anti-war in 1913. That is a normal position. The bankers had to fix that, and they did with propaganda. In 1916, 50 Senators were against war. Woodrow Wilson set up a “polling” system to influence opinion. New words were invented to fool or distract the public. The big one then was “isolationist”, still used today. If you were for following the Constitution, you were suddenly an isolationist. Today our crooked politicians use words like “regime change” and “collateral damage” to distract us from reality.

President Woodrow Wilson was a man the bankers could love, which was why he was in office. He hated capitalism, and denounced it in his book at a time when America was booming and the envy of the world. Wilson worked to tear down tariffs by signing a bill in 1913 to bring in cheap British goods made in India. This was really the start of the end for the American middle class.

People didn’t realize this would eventually lead to NAFTA and GATT. The Marxist income tax was instituted to help replace the money lost from tariffs. Wilson was coached by think tanks on how to persuade Americans to go to war. The poll questions were shaded to get the results wanted. Today, our corrupt media wants you to believe you can TEXT in your opinions. What a joke. World War I wasn’t a joke, however. 

I hope all Patriots, who need to know history, have by now read, The Creature from Jekyll Island, by G. Edward Griffin. It is a masterpiece that reads like a novel and will fill in what was hidden from you in school and college history books. It will enable you to think outside of the box, and is must reading over almost any other book today. 

At the beginning of America’s involvement in World War I, Congress passed on October 6th, 1917, the “Trading with the Enemy Act. It was enacted to restrict trade with countries hostile to the United States, and gives the president the power to oversee or restrict trade between the U.S. and its enemies in times of war. 

Looking deeper into the bill, we find it empowers the government to take control over commercial, monetary and business transactions and Section 17 gives district courts jurisdiction to make rules, etc. as necessary and proper to enforce the act. This Act came back to bite us in 1933.

Last week, we told you the Republican Congress, during and after the Civil War, pulled a switch on us, making the United States a corporation, and started changing our citizenship. U.S. Code, Title 28, 3002 15A, says we are a corporation, but U.S. Code is private international law, only applicable within the District of Columbia. 

To help solidify what they had done, “progressives” (read: socialists/communists) passed the Sheppard-Towner Maternity and Infant Protection Act of 1921. God created man and woman, but now, government creates a “person” or fiction. When your mother makes out your birth certificate (registration), you are transformed from a man into a “person”.

This PERSON was created by using our birth certificates as the MCO (manufactures certificate of origin) and the state in which we were born as the “port of entry.” This gives the government a fictional man or woman (straw man), with the same name as ours.

Historically in the United States, we made our own birth certificates and put them in a Bible. Now, we start going to a State charter hospitals to have our children. Of course, we also asked permission to get married, a practice starting in Europe. The product of your union belongs to the State – the state becomes “daddy”.

Naturally, the state want to be able to identify its property, so they started taking your children’s DNA at birth for a secret government data base over 35 years ago. They just didn’t tell you. If your name is in ALL CAPITOL letters on any document, it is identifying either a deceased man or a fictitious (not living) man, such as a corporation or a straw man. 

Other licensing (check your name on your drivers license) also started to overtake our God given rights. We’ll continue onward in history next week. Emergencies somehow, seem to never end. How convenient.

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