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Simply Speaking: Is Obama qualified?

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When those of the Left start screaming and squealing about this, that, or the other, you can begin placing your bets there’s more than even odds somebody with chutzpah and credibility is genuinely on to the this, that, or the other being screamed and squealed about. 

Such is the continuing case about whether or not Barack H. Obama is and was constitutionally qualified to have run and, consequently, elected President of the United States. 

Author Jerome Corsi, WorldNetDaily, and any number of other credible sources, along with citizens of America challenging about this question, in court, have been met with disdain by those of the Left, including too many members of the Establishment who seemingly think everything is legal and would inquiring minds please shut up.

If there is nothing to this legality question, why has Obama employed a cadre of high-dollar lawyers to conceal all the avenues of truth that would easily reveal the answers to our growing number of questions about this strange “president” and his America-hating wife?

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire, as we so recently saw in the Magnablend Chemical Plant smoke and fire in Waxahachie.

Even Obama’s kindergarten records have been off limits to question, it has been reported. This obviously has nothing to do with whether the little tyke was continually  trying to put square pegs in round holes or if he had trouble telling the difference between a picture of a cat and a picture of a dog, but must have had to do with something like his kindergarten enrollment forms. Might he have been identified there as someone who could never qualify to be President of the United States?

That would not have been a question on his mom’s mind when Barack was five-years-old and starting in preschool. Those questions would have arisen when he and his handlers [it would be interesting to know just who all those people are (who)] got ambitious for the big chair in the Oval Office and who had been able put in the fix to get Obama seated there.

A most interesting development is the discovery of Supreme Court rulings on eligibility for the office of President being scrubbed from Justia.com EVEN BEFORE OBAMA GOT THE DEMOCRAT PARTY NOMINATION.

The fix actually must have already been in before his nomination and swearing in. Check WorldNetDaily.com for details.

May God bless.

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A REAL Skeptic 11/03/2011 12:44:36
1. Propagandists and conspiracy theorists are not credible sources... therefore Jerome Corsi is NOT a credible source.

2. Many on the left AND right AND middle disdain birthers because they push claims for which they have NO evidence AND ignore FACTS that refute their beliefs AND repeat their refuted claims ad nauseum. For example, see your claim about Obama's team of concealment lawyers... props for not lying about how much he's spent on those lawyers though!

3. Birthers created the smoke... they can't point to the smoke they created and claim it's proof of fire... unless the fire is that birthers are crazy.

4. Even if the entire Justia website was replaced with Mao's little red book, it wouldn't change US case law AT ALL or stop lawyers from accessing that case law since they use REAL legal research tools, not Justia. The fact that US case law doesn't contain ANYTHING showing Obama isn't eligible makes that "scrubbing" even more meaningless.
Scott Presnall 11/04/2011 09:24:44
What is your beef with Justia.com? It's not the official SCOTUS web site. It's privately owned and may post/delete whatever it likes.
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