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Constitutional Thinking: Lost on the range

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More and more, it is looking like the promised Republican Constitutional Cattle Drive of 2008 has failed. The steers can’t seem to get much done and keep wandering off the Constitution Trail. Of course, with their cowboys appearing to be secretly working for the Democracy Ranch next door (“weepy” Boehner, Hensarling, Ryan, Rubio, and others), it’s no wonder steers end up missing, instead of making it back to Constitution Ranch. 

To support our wonderful economy (with 47 million on food stamps), Republicans led a bi-partisan effort October 12th, and passed Free Trade deals with Panama, Columbia and Korea. When it comes to voting for globalism, there is no discord in Congress, and in fact, Republicans are often the worst offenders. These three job-killing agreements will result in even higher unemployment. Who is representing “We, The People?” It’s certainly not the Republican or Democratic Party. 

With regular sell-outs like this, it is no wonder a new Rasmussen survey taken Oct. 9, shows only 16 percent of the public thinks the country is heading in the right direction, down from 30 percent a year ago. Unfortunately, our current education system and media leaves most Americans confused on what is happening.

Educators today call someone else reading to you, reading, call non-readers, “diverse learners” and deny our children the right to fully use their brain by not teaching phonics, thereby reducing typical vocabularies from 25,000 words to 1,500, using look-see reading methods. 

Reading the Real News at the links on my website helps restore understanding and unlocks minds to the truth.

Not only are both of our leading political parties working to kill jobs, they are working to get us into more “off-the-constitutional-range” international wars and skirmishes.

In the “Small War” arena, Globalist Warlord, President Obama is sending 100 armed advisors into Central Africa to a guerrilla force called the Lord’s Resistance Army, originally from northern Uganda that is accused of terrorizing civilians in several countries. 

In the “Big War” arena, Warlord Obama and the Neo-Cons are jointly participating in a giant False Flag event, with the bogus Iranian Terror plot that has so many holes in it,  even Reuters says it’s fraud.  

Affidavits prove it is a complete set-up. The Neo-Cons are excited over the possibility of war with Iran. Neo-Cons John McCain and Congressman King support war. How many more modern-day Vietnams do we need?

  This is all just another “Gulf of Tonkin” type, fraudulent story promoted by the military-industrial complex. When all else fails in the economic/social areas and we are headed for or in a depression, governments almost always lie to take us to war to cover up their mistakes. We don’t need the first Great World War of the 21st Century. Un-Intelligence Chairman Rogers (R) should resign in disgrace. Stop this War before it starts. Call and warn everyone.

It we want to get out of our current “socialist democracy”, we will have to occupy the main enemy, the Fed, not the paper pushers on Wall Street; then go after our county court houses, city halls, sheriff’s offices, and everywhere where more criminal banker activity is going on. There is plenty of work for “real” tea parties/occupiers to do. This is just the beginning.

Since we lost our real money in 1933, we can not actually ever get out of debt until we end the Fed. What you think of as money is not money, it is evidence of debt. Pull out your wallet; look at the word Note printed on the small green pieces of paper you think are money. A note can’t be money.

We need to make sure the Occupy demonstrators know who the real enemy is: the Federal Reserve, not the Tea Party or the Constitution. Don’t allow Obama, Soros and the Nazi/Communists to take them over. 

We can’t allow the class warfare the bankers want.

More “lost-on-the-range” activity is going o n at Walgreens, CVS, Wal-Mart, churches, schools, and other places offering you cheap or low-cost flu shots this Fall. Walgreens is rewarding employees with i-pads for encouraging you to take the shots. Can you say “payola”? Studies continue to show that taking the vaccines makes children and adults more, not less likely to become sick. 

I keep reading articles saying Republicans want to win so badly in 2012, that they will do it at all costs. That could mean a Romney that 70 percent of Republicans don’t like, a Perry or a lying Herman Cain.

Cain said he never was against auditing the Fed, but it’s in his book and on tape! The Bible says a corrupt tree (think Fed) can not bring forth good fruit, so watch out on 9-9-9. It is a re-run of the scam bankers did in Europe.

How many more compromises will we make for short-term victories that assure long term failure?

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