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Constitutional Thinking: Waking up is hard to do

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Americans have been unknowingly, deliberately dumbed down for so long on politics, economics and history, that it is difficult for them to wake up to reality. With few exceptions, most adults don’t really know the Constitution and our children in school certainly don’t. 

When looking for proof? Look no farther than the voting results from 2008. Obama got approximately 66 percent  of the vote from those under 29, and 53 percent of the vote from ages 29-39. Without massive educational changes, our Constitution can’t long endure. The ignorant young will sell us out. 

Parents need to realize that public schools, in any format (public, charter, etc.) are not going to get the job done to enable us to turn our country around. They are all controlled by forces that need to be confronted. All you can do right now, as parents, is to mitigate the damage done to your children.

Only home schooling and private schooling have the potential at this time to allow your children to learn what Americans learned at the time of the founding of America. Even these programs will not work unless the right curriculum is used. We must learn American values, not the imported values currently taught in our schools.

Horace Mann, considered the founder of American Education, studied in Germany, and brought back the Hegelian school of thought that had been corrupted by the Illuminati organization.

This new system of education led us step-by-step away from the values that made America, affecting both our education and religion thinking. We have moved away from individual thinking and into group think. We are allowing public opinion to be manipulated by masters of deceit.

Republicans have allowed their party to be infiltrated and manipulated to a point where most of their candidates are looking to win at all costs. The Constitution can not stand with Republicans and Democrats bringing masses to the public trough in exchange for votes. 

We must end our addiction to it to keep our freedom. The cat must go back into the box. 

The 2012 Primaries are almost here. The recently surging Herman Cain has a lot going for him. His very impressive resume shows he has accomplished a lot, but his fatal flaw is being the former Chairman of the Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank. 

This horse is unlikely to change his spots, no matter what he tells you. His 999 plan is more likely to reverse to a 666 one. Where is his call to Audit the Fed? Where is his call to End the Fed or possibly nationalize it? If you don’t get to the root of our country’s problems, nothing else you say or do will matter much in the end. The Fed is the head of the snake in the grass. Most Republicans want to ignore it. It’s too big and evil to ignore.

Cain talks of turning the “Occupy Wall Street” movement, which socialists are trying to co-opt, into one occupying 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, instead. JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, etc., own the FED, which runs Wall Street, the White House and Congress. Cain isn’t going to kill the snake. He grew up with it. Cain doesn’t even call for ending the un-constitutional Super Committee in Congress. Say No to this insider.

Governor Rick Perry, according to reports, knows the right things to do, but unfortunately, chose the Dark Side to sponsor his political career. 

If Texas wasn’t Texas, there would be no small economic miracle for him to point to. He must not think much of Texas anyway, since he never passes up a chance to sell it out for a buck; whether for foreign owned toll roads, for Gardasil shots, or oil leases to China. 

Sure, Perry, like Cain, says some of the right things. He has to get you to believe he is for states rights, the Second Amendment, and against the Fed, etc. As in the case of Cain, Perry has a fatal flaw: he attended Bilderberg 2007. Holding a prayer rally led by mostly apostate pastors in Houston does not negate his list of crimes against Texas.

Mitt Romney, establishment insider, is still in the race because liberal Republicans recognize “their liberal”, and Mormons are supporting him. His flip-flops on abortion and gay rights, along with his “RomneyCare”, should scare away any conservative voter. We need someone we can trust.

The neo-cons on Fox are almost doing back flips trying to explain why Ron Paul just won the Christian activist Family Research Council Straw poll by a big margin. 

Maybe the attendees recognized who was real, as Paul “used scripture in making key points to an enthused crowd.” 

Our troops also give the only Champion of the Constitution the most financial support. Why not support proven principle over politics. That’s Real Change! What we’ve been doing hasn’t worked. 

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