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Simply Speaking: Representatives of whom!?

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In view of commissioners court raising our taxes on Sept. 26, in spite of strong citizen participation at the public hearings, with near 100 percent of us favoring budget cuts, resulting in NO TAX HIKE, we now know who commissioners and the county judge are NOT listening to. Representatives, are they??? Of whom!???

I’m not sure the two or three county employees who got up and spoke in favor of the court’s decision should be factored-in much, for we know about the SEIU Syndrome* and how a sizeable chunk of public employees butter their toast now-a-days. Have they forgotten from whence the revenue comes?

But, we must go on, with lesser loads to carry, as far as our personal $$ property is concerned. It’s funny (not ha ha funny) how when government comes up short, they don’t seem to mind putting their burden on our shoulders, even though most all of us must do the hard thing and cut our budget in trying times. Their additional tax load on us in these hard times makes our budget-balancing that much more difficult.

I guess when you’re spending other people’s money, as all government does, you don’t feel the pinch enough to do the right thing, as pertains to those who are sacrificially furnishing said-revenue.

Maybe we should be looking around for prospective candidates who are more in tune with those whom they are supposed to be representing...those who always end up paying the bills.

So let’s see, the qualifications to run for and hold any commissioners court office are…let me put it this way, you are not required to have even graduated kindergarten. A lot of other qualifications would be nice, including having successfully passed through preschool and many other scholastic degrees, including a high degree in common sense but, as it turns out, the most important qualification is having the ability to get elected. That’s about it.

And you knew that already…

What is the starting pay for a county commissioner? Right now, a starting commissioner gets a yearly salary of $75,276.00 plus insurance, etc., etc., and whatever other perks. Since I doubt if any of them regularly exceed 40 good hours of work a week, make that $1,447.62 weekly, then dividing by the 40 hours and we come up with an hourly wage of $36.19.

Commissioners and county judge are elected to four year terms, with two commissioners on the ballot every two years in alternating fashion. This year, commissioners are up for re-election in precincts 1 and 3. I believe the deadline for signing up to be on the Spring Primary Election ballot is on or around Dec. 31.

Precincts 2 and 4, plus county judge will be up for grabs in 2014. Pay ain’t bad. I believe the county judge gets approximately 30% more than commissioners, so you can calculate the numbers on that position. Same qualifications for them all (see above).

America’s founders, in their vast wisdom, knowing the tendencies of fallen mankind, intended the elected official to be from the private sector, serving ONLY for a term or two, then stepping down and going back into the private sector, from whence he (or she) came, to see how his (or her) ideas and legislation were working out.

Elected government officialdom was to be a private-citizen exercise, with the volunteering candidate set only to serve for a (short) time (and not filling his pockets while in the serving). It seems that idea has been turned on its head, along with a lot of other governmental things. 

If America (and Ellis County) is to return to the wise ideas of the founders, “We the People” must be the ones seeing it gets done. The founders planned that too…and it will work none other way.

May God bless.

*SEIU...Service Employees International Union (a very strong Big Government voting block)

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