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The skunk at the garden party

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If you want to be a skunk at the garden party just let it be known in a meeting with Democrats you are a supporter of or a member of the Tea Party, especially since Democrats have effectively turned the term “tea party” into a pejorative synonymous with a rigid, racist, uncompromising movement that is the root of all evil in Washington. 

This will send them into a chest-grabbing paroxysm of apoplectic hyperventilation.

Democrats can’t open their mouths today without regurgitating some Tea Party slur. A couple of recent examples might serve to illustrate the point.

Most have heard or read about Teamsters President James P. Hoffa’s remarks while warming up a union crowd for Barack Hussein Obama’s address on Labor Day when he denounced Tea Party-backed Republicans declaring, “Let’s take these sonofbitches out and give America back to an America where we belong.” 

Now, when a Dem like Hoffa refers to “taking someone out” he’s speaking hyperbolically, but when Sarah Palin says the same thing she’s taken to mean literally taking them out.

Then there’s Democratic congresswoman “noxious mouth” from California, Maxine Waters, who said, “And as far as I’m concerned – the tea party can go straight to hell.” Naturally all the SEIU union thugs in the audience loved it.

What in the world are these Republican revolutionaries doing that Democrats find so divisive and dangerous? Best I can tell their major offense seems to be holding Washington accountable. 

Their only demand seems to be that politicians stop mortgaging America’s future with reckless spending and increasingly huge deficits.

Seems all they are demanding is that politicians finally do what both Democrats and Republicans have always sworn they do but never quite got around to doing until the Tea Party started holding their feet to the fire which is make government live within its means.

So, what we have here obviously is the Tea Party is the only adult in a roomful of petulant, resentful spoiled brats used to getting their way being called to account. 

All of which leads one to wonder how much greater the debt would be today, how much larger the deficit, had not the Tea Party had the guts to shout, “Enough already!”

Yet, the movement is demonized as un-American and unpatriotic. 

It’s trying to destroy all the social programs ever devised by those clever and caring Democrats. 

They are accused of jeopardizing America’s viability and reputation in the world.

The vitriol is strange seeing as how the Tea Party isn’t much involved in contentious social issues such as abortion, gay rights, prayer in school or religion in general. 

Oh, there are some elements of the Tea Party who hold strong feelings about those issues, but as a whole they aren’t high on the party’s priority list.

Are they single-minded in their mission? Absolutely. Do they compromise? No. Do they forgive politicians who break their promises? 

Absolutely not.

In that sense, they are most like the environmentalists who have the Democrat Party in a headlock. But, they are far less destructive because not one single person has lost a job in the private sector because of the Tea Party which is totally unlike the environmental movement that has put light bulb manufacturers out of work, coal miners out of work, oil industry people out of work, lumber cutters out of work, and on and on and on.

Bottom line is Americans didn’t like what changes Obama had made and that gave rise to the Tea Party. Now those vested in business as usual resent having to answer to the taxpayers.

I find it inconceivable people would be so distressed and put out by a simple commonsense message of fiscal responsibility. When a Democratic Rep., Sander Levin, complained recently the Tea Party-beholden Republicans were risking a government shutdown by demanding an offset to emergency relief spending Republican Rep. Candice Miller answered Levin’s comment, “We’ve never paid for anything. That’s why we have a $14 trillion debt.”

Her response is classic Tea Party, and who can argue with her logic? Certainly not me.

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