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Constitutional Thinking: Making important decisions

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With the 2012 Election season picking up intensity as it draws ever closer, I have been bothered by comments I hear from people about why they are supporting “their” candidate for office. 

Various comments heard include mention that “my candidate”: supports the military, is opposed to illegal immigration, will protect social security, supports Israel, supports free trade, came to our meeting, is cute/handsome, is from my state, has good hair, can win, etc.

The problems our country is facing stem from the decisions we make about those running for office, and I feel we are making our decisions the wrong way. 

Too often, our decision is based upon only one or two factors, which over-rule all the others.

I am reminded of the church marquee I saw a few years ago with the message “Ten Commandment Special this Sunday: Pick any Three.” 

I don’t believe God would really be happy with our picking just the ones we want to follow, even though, following some would be better than following none of them.

God wants us to follow all his commandments. 

In the same manner, our political decisions should be based upon a candidate following all the Constitutional standards, not just a few of them. 

We have been picking what we like, and ignoring the rest. 

There are consequences for wrong decisions in both the religious and political areas of life. 

We are suffering the consequences, as a country, for not following the rules in both of these areas. 

It is time to quit this foolishness. 

How can we expect things to change for the better, when we keep making the same mistakes?

For example, an increasing number of Americans are properly returning to a “Pro-Life” position. 

This is, of course, good news. 

At the same time, I believe many of them need to broaden their definition of pro-life.

Many claiming to be “pro-life” still believe it is o.k. to participate in perpetual wars around the world. 

We have killed millions of innocent men, women and children in our Middle Eastern military adventures. 

Many claiming to be “pro-life,” are supporting a “pro-death” position. 

Is having our troops support the growing of Opium in Afghanistan a “pro-life” position? 

How about the government importing it into our country? 

Is putting al-Qaeda in power in Libya a “pro-life” position?

Much is also happening to us on the domestic front. 

Are you aware that our government is spraying us with “Chemtrails?” 

Search the term and ignore stupid Wikipedia. 

They obviously haven’t watched the sky. 

People refuse to question what is in their drinking water, trusting the government telling them fluoride is safe. 

Did you also know that there is also radioactive in your water, not from the ground, but from the sodium fluoride? 

The increasing health problems we face in this country did not just happen. 

People refuse to research what is in their food. 

Most of the additives, colors, etc. are not good for us. 

We also take medicines and vaccines, without considering the ingredients. 

For example, many vaccines have real live cancer viruses in them. 

Have you ever wondered why breast cancer is up 300 percent since 1981? 

You watch the women in your life be chopped up, burned and buried. 

What are you doing about it?

Do you realize that the debates are all rigged? 

They are not conducive to bringing out a clear picture of a candidate’s views. 

The questions that need to be asked are not asked. 

This circus makes the public believe something real is going on. 

The straw polls, likewise, are often rigged. Bachman rigged the results in Iowa. 

The Republican Party used the Florida poll as a fund raiser, charging $175 to vote (it was $30 in Iowa). 

At the Florida price, you can be sure the results are not representative of real opinions.

Those voting for Herman Cain must not be able to think. 

He wants a national sales tax and the income tax. 

He is a FED and not your friend. 

It is sad to see the Republican Women taken by this deceiver this past weekend.

Is our being watched, tracked approaching 24-7 pro-life? 

George Orwell’s 1984 had 2-way TV watching you and cameras in the parks. 

We are way beyond anything he ever dreamed of, but if you haven’t read it, do so, and Brave New World.

On-Star announced it is killing plans to track non-subscribers (they were selling your information anyway). 

Facebook has been caught again along with Tom-Tom for the same and Facebook’s founder just laughs at the sheep that use the program.

North Carolina’s Democratic Governor talks about the possible need to suspend the Election Cycle due to our financial problems. 

The continuing merger of corporations and government has us facing real dangers. 

Broaden your focus to see all the issues. 

Don’t get fooled by following just a few.

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Jerome T. Peterson 10/08/2011 11:46:13
Well said! Every American, no, I mean every person on earth should read this.
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