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Constitutional Thinking: Can we pass our big tests

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Homeland Securities’ Janet Napolitano, has ordered the National Football League to screen all 16+ million persons expected to be attending games this season. Now you don’t have to go to the airport anymore to be molested by a pervert. Of course, the answer is for everyone to stay home. Boycott the NFL. There is no requirement for anyone to attend a game. This is not like required business or family travel.

Our “would be masters”, are testing the American people to see how much tyranny we will accept. If we say no to it, they will relent. If we fold, by going along, we will soon see checkpoints in the train stations, bus stations, on the highways and in shopping malls. The Fascists will have won. Freedom will have lost.

Communism didn’t die with the fall of the Soviet Union, or Nazi tactics with the end of Hitler. Now disguised as liberals, their friends in both parties, along with local and national groups, are putting in Agenda 21. The American Chamber of Commerce even supports it, telling Metropolitan regions to organize around sustainable development, with “green visioning,” “green building” and Regional leadership. Their version of “America” reads, “Your land is Our Land”. Will we allow this treason?

Glen Beck didn’t even talk about Agenda 21 until the last weeks of his Fox show. He knew Fox wouldn’t allow it. Beck, likewise, only discussed the real truth about the Federal Reserve in his last weeks. Rush “speedy” Limbaugh, for years said the Bilderberg group did not exist. Perry proved him wrong by attending a meeting! Mark (truth-trasher) Levin, lies constantly lies about the groups running our show. 

Fake conservatives/neo-cons, like these, fold when faced with the decision between money and principle. We are all going to have to come to the decision that money isn’t everything in order to save the country. We need to be willing to abandon wrong notions we have learned about both political and religious topics. Principle and truth are everything. If enough of us follow that rule, we can, with God’s help, take our country back. 

The Republican Straw Polls are becoming somewhat like a Political Whack-a-Mole game. Republicans need to remember that, in this game, the object should be to recognize the constitutionalist, and whack all the rest. It’s not always easy, since most of the moles pop up in disguise. This is our political test.

Republicans in Florida and Michigan properly whacked the fake conservative, Rick Perry, last weekend, but then failed to recognize as moles Herman Cain and Mitt Romney, since they popped up wearing Patriot costumes. RomneyCare and constant political flip-flops disqualify Romney.  Herman Cain is a boot-licking Federal Reserve supporter. He can’t be trusted.

Most Republican candidates are failing to gain traction since they are being recognized as not being 100 percent constitutional or loyal Americans. The electorate is more awake than usual. Most candidates are only doing well only in their “backyard” straw polls. Desperation has lead to talk of new candidates joining the game.  Keep your eyes open and keep whacking the impostors.

Our country also faces a Health test. Most Americans don’t even know they are taking one. It’s ongoing. The Rockefeller Foundation, in the 1930s, called for adulterating drugs and vaccines to achieve their goals: big food, big pharma, and big oil, want to lower the population. A bill is on Governor Brown’s desk in California that would force Gardasil shots (many deaths and problem reactions) on school children without parental consent. Check out: www.drtenpenny.com.

America doctors/dentists are asleep or sold out, afraid to admit they have been wrong on vaccinations and fluoridation. Before the massive vaccinations began, few children got cancer, autism, or were on constant medications. I would not take a flu shot unless I was in a hurry to get Alzheimer’s or other serious health problems.

Our Congress and State Legislatures are ignoring the real issues. They need to be introducing and passing legislation ending un-constitutional Federal and State government activities. Get rid of the ABC agencies, and end the wars, or we will lose our country.

Time Magazine put a picture of a shredded Constitution on their July 2nd cover with the quote, “Does it still matter?” 

Think about that a minute! America is being put to a test. Will we pass, or fail? The Republican and Democratic leadership have no desire to follow the Constitution. 

They demonstrated that with the Budget Control Act of 2011, when, as one writer put it, “they gave the car keys to a drunk and sent him on his way.”

Americans are riding with him, as passengers, blindly down a “highway to hell.”  It’s time to get involved, grab the steering wheel and turn the Republic back onto the “Constitutional Highway.” Failure isn’t an option. The current road has cliffs dead ahead.

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