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Constitutional Thinking: Reading the signs

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Recently I had the wonderful opportunity to meet Grammy Award Winner (as Buck Howdy) Steve Voss and hear him perform many of his wonderful traditional folk and patriotic songs. Steve has produced/performed with the likes of Billy Ray Cyrus, The Jonas Brothers, Randy Travis, Willy Nelson, Kenny Rogers, the Billy Graham Crusade and the Grand Ole Opry. Another invitation to the White House is unlikely anytime soon. 

Listening to Steve’s music helps one realize that, as he says on his album of the same name, “We Must Take America Back!”  In the song “I Still Believe,” he points out what I also believe: “I still believe in God… I still believe he has blessed this land… I still believe in Freedom…I still believe in the working man...I still believe that together, there ain’t nothing we can’t rise above…I still believe in God… I still believe in America.” 

“Í think of all the hurt, we suffer needlessly…illness we could cure…hunger we could feed…homeless we could house…hopeless we could save…there’s no need for things to be this way…If you’ll stand with me, you’ll make this vow…you’ll save this promised land…will you stand right now?...time for all to hear, shining sea to sea… I have faith, I still believe.” See www.SteveVaus.com.

To make the changes needed, we must learn to read the signs of the times and take a stand. Fortunately, people are learning that the United Nations is not our friend. We need to get out of it, and get it out of our country. Informed Americans have been saying that for 50 years. Now many more are. The Arlington Tea Party, headed by Mel Moss, presented a program on Agenda 21 at last Saturday’s Ellis Tea Party Meeting. One of their fine young members, Zach Maxwell, gave an excellent presentation. I have written about this several times. Our elected officials are enslaving us.

Americans are starting to realize that when mayors, county executives, state governors or country presidents/prime ministers meet with their counter-parts, for whatever reason, it is often not in our best interests. Remember, George W. Bush signed off on the merger of the U.S., Canada and Mexico at one of these meetings in Waco, Texas.

Our “leaders” have a strong tendency to go on power trips to expand their base and take away our rights. The non-governmental Regional groups they belong to, take friendly sounding names like the North Texas Council of Governments and help put in Agenda 21. There are 60-70 terms they use to disguise their cramming it down our throats.

We need to attend our city council meetings and our county government meetings, and know what groups our elected officials belong to, both individually, and on a governmental level. We even have to even watch our local, regional and National Chambers’ of Commerce and their influence on candidates and legislation.

Chambers’ often sell out to big corporate interests or government boondoggles that are only good for the privileged groups, but end up hurting most citizens and taxpayers. A recent example in our area is the push to bring in DART (the Agenda push to get us out of our cars and curtail our freedom). Thinking about our leaders, we need to know not just what they are saying, but what they are doing. If you are looking and listening, they usually expose themselves, as former cheerleader Rick Perry did by endorsing pro-abortion/pro-homosexual Rudy Giuliani for President in 2008. Pro-NAFTA, pro-Mexico, pro-Trans-Texas Corridor, pro-Public Private Partnership Perry is no friend of Texas or America. 

Pat Robertson recently showed his dark side again. Pat thinks God’s “until death, do us part” is out of date if your spouse has Alzheimer’s. Of course, Pat also believes killing babies in China is fine. Robertson life, if you take a real look, is one big question mark, from Marine liquor officer, to law school grad, to the Christian Coalition and the financing of CBN. 

Glenn Beck, whom I have been warning about for years, just proved again how unreliable and contradictory he is. In an article on Newsmax (really Newsmin), he rightfully pointed out that the GOP and the Tea Party are in a fight to the death and that only one will be left standing. Beck says if the Republicans pick a typical “John McCain type” candidate, we may lose the soul of the party and our country. 

Beck then said the Presidential candidates he likes the most are “Michelle Bachmann and Rick Perry, although he feels Rick Santorum is strongest on defense” (read war!)  None are truly Constitution defenders, so Beck’s supporting the old guard. The California GOP Straw Poll results Sunday showed us the way. God sends us whom we need in our darkest hour. Bachman, Perry and Santorum lost big-time! The real Tea Party, the Real American guy won – Ron Paul. Read the signs. 

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