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Simply Speaking: Planet X

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In some ways, today’s decent and caring Americans have been cowed into inaction over a hugely misunderstood phrase NEVER written into our founding documents. Actually, Thomas Jefferson used the term within a personal letter, in which he was simply reassuring the Danbury (Connecticut) Baptist Association about concerns he may have felt they had about some other Christian denomination(s) possibly gaining an upper hand in the federal government end of things, thus the comforting letter.

So, in a sense, the Christian religious community was at least partially responsible for the horribly misconstrued treatment (keeping God out of schools, the public square, and just about everywhere else) applied to a nation and government most of us claim to be “One nation under God.” 

In the 1947 US Supreme Court’s Everson v. Board of Education,  judges were asked (by some no-good atheist, I suspect) to interpret the First Amendment’s prohibition on laws “respecting an establishment of religion.” The court, as Patrick Henry and Sam Adams had originally feared, famously declared, “In the words of Jefferson (from the above- mentioned private letter) [the First Amendment] was intended to erect a ‘wall of separation between church and State’…[that] must be kept high and impregnable. We could not approve the slightest breach.” 

Godless jerks.

Without going into too much detail, Henry, Adams, and many other prominent founders were very much distressed about the 1787 Constitutional Convention’s end product, which convention was established ONLY to make adjustments to the 1781 Articles of Confederation Constitution, NOT come up with a whole new constitution. The 1947 Supreme Court edict confirmed much of what those founders recognized as weaknesses in the new ‘unconstitutional’ constitution.

So here we are today, surrounded by federal judges, Supreme and otherwise, whose seeming singular mission in life is to remove mention of the one true God from every facet of our lives except, of course, within the walls of the church and inside our homes. No doubt, they’re working on removing that right as soon as they can, with 501c3 churches doing too much of the government’s bidding and too many goings-on in the schools removing our Godly heritage on a daily basis.

Perhaps that very God, who is being “removed” while we stand by and watch, is saying to us, as he did to Israel when they insisted on having a king (so they could be like the rest of the world), “Well, okay, but you will have to live with the results of your “wants” and your not-paying-attention.

Patrick Henry said to James Madison, upon discovering the real purpose of the 1787 Convention and refusing to attend, “I smell a rat!” I suspect Madison and Alexander Hamilton, who were the major contributors to the ultra-promotional Federalist Papers, breathed a sigh of relief upon learning Patrick Henry would not be attending their little masquerade in Philadelphia. 

Though Henry’s oratory skills nearly defeated the vote for the new constitution in Virginia, one can but wonder the monkey wrench he might have thrown into those Independence Hall deliberations, which were censored from the public until all its participants were dead and in the grave. So much for transparency…and a failing grade for those founders who did attend and who drew up the illegal document from which we now suffer.

Yes, nine of the fourteen colonies finally did ratify the 1787 Constitution, making it legal, but only after the Bill of Rights was added. This tells me others also smelled a rat, and the Bill of Rights was the ‘deodorant’ to (hopefully) cover up the odor, allowing passage.

Can you smell that rat today? Look around; you can see it!

My idea is to go back into this present constitution and write-in a fervent appeal for God’s blessing and then elect Godly representatives, which might be enough to turn us around.  The 1787 Constitution has no mention of God, nor did the Federalist Papers.

Thought you might like to know and I hope this does not make you angry, except and unless it would help us, together, correct the situation.

May God bless.

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