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Constitutional Thinking: Texas' 'special congressman'

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When Edward Langley said, “what the country needs are more unemployed politicians,” he was exactly right. If we needed any more proof of that, we got is in Mesquite, Texas when Congressman Jeb Hensarling  attended a Town Hall sponsored by the Mesquite Tea Party on Monday, Aug. 29. 

I chose to attend, because this Congressman is “Special.” As a supposedly “conservative” member of the “12-member Special Congress,” it was important to see what his opinions were about the situation our country is facing at this time. After all, he is more important than my local congressman, and on top of that, he is the #4 Republican in Congress.

Arriving at the meeting, there were two Mesquite Police cars at the front entrance, with two officers standing outside the auditorium doors. Once the meeting began, they stood inside by the back door. In light of the shooting in Arizona, this was not a complete surprise. What came next was.

After the presentation of the USA colors by the Boy Scouts and the Pledge, the Tea Party leader told us there would be no recordings or photographs allowed. I started to worry. When he said the audience would not be allowed to directly ask questions of the congressman, I knew the whole thing was rigged. We were told questions were collected aforetime to be asked. 

Our servants have become our masters, turning to Nazi tactics to protect their position and avoid any risks. 

They want “softball questions” and “no-recordings” to avoid anything that might be negative to their re-election showing up on YouTube. Police took a video camera away during a Republican Town Hall in Ohio. Looks like this may be standard operating procedure. They just want to report to us, not answer to us. 

As bad as the meeting was at this point, it continued to get worse, starting with a glowing introduction of the beloved congressman. We were told how “conservative” he is, along with his ratings from 5-6 groups that rate Congress. What does a 100 percent rating mean when groups like the Heritage Foundation, Family Research Council and others don’t ask the right questions?

According to the most constitutional rating service, The Freedom Index, his voting score is only 70 percent. That should not make him a rock-star, but sentence him to hard time studying his Constitution. Instead he got a standing ovation from a crowd more power hungry, than hungering from the truth. 

Hensarling continued throughout the evening to ring all the bells “conservatives” need to hear to keep the crowd salivating and cheering: “Barack Obama must be a one term President” and “Praise the Lord for Fox News.” 

On the Special Congress, he said he has “high hopes, but low expectations” and voted for the deal mostly because of the requirement to vote on a Balanced Budget. He was not for this deal, and had supported “Cut, Cap and Balance.” When asked why the cuts were so small, he said he was “focusing on policy and the numbers will come.” He is worried that if they fail, Defense will suffer. Well, why not end the wars?

He talks of Energy Independence, but only reigning in the EPA instead of ending it. He said Republicans are working on plans to cut down regulations and hopes the Supreme Court will rule against Obama’s Czars. 

He didn’t mention the Federal Reserve, our main problem, but said he has in the past sponsored the Fair Tax. He said the Sixteenth Amendment (Income Tax) must be ended first, and I agree. Hensarling favors Term Limits, but said they are not a cure-all. He should follow his instinct. His line - “I live in Dallas, but work in Washington”, receiving a big cheer. 

On immigration, Jeb talked following the rules, “knocking on the door and asking to come in, and learning English.”  

That’s great, but he didn’t seem to know the level of immigrants we needed and favored a Guest Worker Program as the solution. I think we have enough un-employed here to do our jobs.  No Guest program. He did point out that President Reagan let the situation get out of control. 

Folks, the time to hold back on telling the truth is over. Unfortunately, the 250 in attendance did not hear what they really needed to hear, but they loved their rock star the same way many Republicans are enjoying the “new” Rick Perry.

Perry, who gave speeches in favor of Hillary-Care in 1993, got awards for providing in-state tuitions and sanctuary-cities for illegal. In the last Texas legislative session, he had a bill introduced to change that, but worked behind the scenes to block its passage. 

Americans need to “opt-in” for Truth. Many Christians “opt-out” for an unlikely rapture while others do the same over 2012. It’s time to get real and do the right thing now.

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