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Constitutional Thinking: Star Wars politics

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Part 2

Most Americans would agree that politics is treacherous. That is why we need to select statesman, not politicians for office. Unfortunately, as I hope these articles makes clear, we have done a very poor job with most of our past selections. We keep getting fleeced because too few Americans realize or care what their leaders are doing to them. 

As you now know, if you did your research homework, even Ronald Reagan was a “freedom mirage” both in California and Washington, D.C. Like a magician’s fast hands, his talk took our mind off what was really going on; great talk in public, treasonous action behind the scenes.  Please realize the “credentials” in brackets behind the names are “badges of dishonor.”

Reagan ran huge budget deficits (conservative, huh), and aided communist takeovers around the world; China, Angola, El Salvador and Afghanistan. Do the research; don’t take my word for it. Go to: www.libertygunrights.com (See - Documents, Presidential Brotherhood Section – Read Parts 1-4.  Life changing!

George Herbert Walker Bush - 41 (CFR, Trilateral, CIA, and U.N. Ambassador) George Bush, son of Prescott Bush (a Senator with ties to the Nazi’s) was vice-president under Reagan. Elected on “Read my Lips, No New Taxes”, he served as a top administrator of the transformation of the U.S. into global government. 

Bush signed nuclear disarmament with the Soviet Union, signed the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), presided over the Kuwait war (Desert Storm) at which time he spoke glowingly about the “real chance for a New World Order.” He would do that many more times as President.

Bush also signed Public Law 101-216 in December 1989, an amendment to the General and Complete Disarmament law Kennedy started, confirming Bush’s intent to disarm the people of the United States and turn our armed forces over to the Security Council of the United Nations on a permanent basis. Addressing the U.N., Bush said, “It is the sacred principles enshrined in the United Nations Charter to which the American people will hence-forth pledge their allegiance.” Hello America – anyone home?

William Jefferson Clinton (Bilderberg, CFR, and Trilateral), made history with his personal life, which distracted us from his other misdeeds: ordering our military to wear U.N. blue helmets and insignia, and transferring advanced American technology and the Long Beach port to China (super-computers, multiple-warhead know-how, advanced encryption software to break our codes, and submarine technology). 

Clinton ignored China’s human rights atrocities, signed onto the U.N. International Criminal Court, and continued to weaken constitutional principles. He issued E.O. #13132 claiming that we have “agencies” superseding the states, which proves the Tenth Amendment is being violated! Clinton also signed an executive order extending our border 150 miles north and the corrupt Kyoto Treaty on global warming. 

George Walker Bush, W- 43, used events that came his way along with persuasion, to further weaken the Constitution and carry out orders from above. What else could you expect from the Bush crime family? Most observers consider Dick Cheney (CFR) to have been his handler. Bush had almost unlimited power after a mysterious 9-11.

Bush militarized the Ten Standard Federal Regional System Nixon started and coordinated it with Homeland Security Agency (HAS). Homeland Security is outside the control of the people. He furthered the merger of the military with civilian law enforcement authorized by Reagan and took control of every police officer in the nation. W signed off on the merger of the U.S., Canada, and Mexico at a meeting in Waco, Texas, and gave us Real ID in 2005, possibly your NWO membership card.

Please realize, Homeland Security is to replace our national military when we no longer have one, per the plan. We are not allowed to see Clinton’s Presidential Directive Decision #25 (P.D.D. #25) from May, 1994, which may have transferred our armed forces to the U.N on a permanent basis. Bush closed key bases across the country as part of the plan to disarm. George carried a copy of Kennedy’s disarmament law with him. Some brain-dead Republicans still have a W sticker on their SUV!

The Presidential Brotherhood is killing us with a new knife in our back every 4-8 years. Our elected officials don’t follow the Constitution, or our preachers the basics of Christianity. They both have closed their eyes and covered their ears.

If uninformed or misguided Republicans put up Perry, Romney, Bachman, Palin or any of the Republican establishment favorites as their Presidential Candidate, they will have voted to continue the lineage of the Brotherhood and America’s suicide. 

King George couldn’t win with force, but his heirs are winning today with deception. Just as in 1776, America has a choice to make. Will we be “supposedly” secure slaves, happily living in bondage, or will we be free men and women with a bright future? Please Choose Freedom. Spread these articles far and wide!

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