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Constitutional Thinking: Star Wars politics

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The themes out of Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica and Star Trek may seem far out there, but if you know your history and current events, you will see they are with us every day in American politics. Most media does not want you to know real history, so they lie to you, even most supposedly conservative media.

The USS Starship Constitution is leading a last-hope fleet of “lovers of liberty” on a voyage to restore freedom to planet America. Meanwhile, the forces of the One-World Empire have other plans.  Some of the Empire battle cruisers are currently led by well known people: Captains Perry, Bachmann, Romney and others. Former enemy captains include every U.S. President from Eisenhower to Bush. Some might call that treason.

Empire plans are to activate the cruiser “cloaking devices” to allow them to infiltrate the freedom flotilla. By cloaking their true nature, they hope to not be recognized as Empire destroyers. Once inside, they will plot to confuse and distract Americans wanting to restore the Constitution. This plan has almost always worked.

Captain Rick Perry (Bilderberg) has gone to “full cloaked mode” after Empire media distracter, Rush Limbaugh, opened the door for him. Perry claimed the Federal Reserve may be evil and that it might be “treasonous” if they printed more money.

Newsmax, one the Empire’s many faux-conservative news services, provided cover for the Fed, warning Perry about being too radical. (What would you call a private Fed working for the financial destruction of America?) Newsmax is still pushing Perry’s new book.

Of course “Tricky Ricky” won’t actually do much about the Fed or most other serious problems, even if elected. It’s all theater. He’s on the payroll! A video caught a Bank of America operative promising him money last week.

Perry doesn’t want you to take a look at his real record in Texas. He doesn’t want you to know he was a “global warming” Democrat heading Al Gore’s campaign in Texas until Karl Rowe, his political guru, talked him into becoming a Republican. He wants you to forget his land grabbing desires, and his becoming a Red Chinese “best friend.”

Limbaugh, more entertainer than educator, runs a show giving very little information, drawn out to fill the hours.  The media wants to trick voters into not supporting a Constitutional candidate by saying he can’t win. Of course, in DFW we have Mark Davis, Jeff Bolton and Kris Krok as our local Empire “infiltrators.” They’re everywhere.

Captain Michelle Bachman (IRS attack dog), a “Darkside Queen,” gave away 4,000-6,000 $30 voting tickets in addition to paying for the Randy Travis concert and bussing in 40 busloads of fans. Before getting in, they had to vote at her table. Wow! She spent $1 million and barely won. How popular she isn’t. (Source: National Inflation Association and an attendee.)

It’s time to quit supporting the Empire by selecting Empire “Neo-Cons” for President. After reviewing the historical teasers below, read the full Documentation at: www.libertygunrights.com/documents.html. See the Presidential Brotherhood Project section. Your hair will soon be standing up.

Eisenhower, covered recently, also pushed “Open Skies” allowing the Russians to fly over. Kennedy signed bills for Public Assistance and to Disarm America. LBJ’s Presidency was really FDR’s New Deal 2, bringing us Medicare, Medicaid, and the very bad 1968 Gun Control Act.

Nixon furthered the one-world plans by instituting 10 regions to replace our States. That plan is still underway. Notice Obama appointed 10 “special” Governors. We also had Red China entering the UN, with Kissinger (Palin’s tutor) behind it. Ford (Bilderberg), appointed a top Empire leader Nelson Rockefeller (Bilderberg, CFR, Trilateral) as V.P., pardoned Nixon and supported gay rights.

Carter (CFR) gave away our Panama Canal (Guess who runs it now and is expanding it to transit more goods and kill more of our jobs?), supported the Human Rights Treaty to take away our Bill of Rights, and of course, there was Iran and FEMA.

Reagan (Red Ronnie) was a 13 year founding member of the United World Federalists and a member of Americans for Democratic Action (ADA), a super-socialist/communist group.  Reagan worked to weaken gun rights as Governor of California, and tried to abolish the counties in the state to put it under Regional government. His record shows he did not change his red spots. Sorry.

Reagan acted out his script well. He fooled me at first. I know a lot of “conservatives” are now, or will be after reading the documents, ready to go puke. If not, you will be after I post the photo of him at Bohemian Grove. Hey you Christians; check who goes there and what goes on! Go ahead, do it; flush, and get Reagan out of your system. Now that your mind is open to the truth, spread it to your friends, and let’s start restoring America! To be continued.

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