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Constitutional Thinking: Breaking illusions

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Americans are going to have to do their own thinking and not listen to what the pundits are saying. The sold-out pundits want you to believe illusions, when instead, you need to break them and see reality.

For example, somehow in the last 70 years, Americans have become addicted to war. A 1940 Gallup Poll had 83% of Americans against entering WWII. Republicans led the charge against WWII, as they had opposing entanglement in the League of Nations after WWI. Our Founders told us to avoid entangling alliances and interference abroad. 

We have, and are, paying the price for not listening. While we technically won WWII, we deliberately allowed the Russians to take Eastern Europe by overriding Winston Churchill’s plan to attack Germany from the south and putting General Patton on ice. Who did this: American General Marshall (CFR) and General Eisenhower (CFR). 

The United Nations, favored by Communist Party USA and the CFR (47 members among the American delegates including Alger Hiss and Harry Dexter White, later found to be Soviet spies) hasn’t prevented, but increased the occurrence of wars.

Everyone knows we didn’t win the U.N. Korean War. General MacArthur was not allowed to win.  He states in his auto-biography that he could not use the forces at his command. I met one of his former staff who confirmed this. MacArthur became a star for his criticism of President Truman. 

Traditional anti-war Republicans favored running Senator Robert Taft of Ohio, who was considering MacArthur for the V.P slot. Truman didn’t run for re-election in 1952 due to his unpopularity. Unfortunately, with the recent memories of WWII and the ongoing Korean War, Republicans made the mistake of putting up Eisenhower, giving voters a poor choice. Let’s not repeat that in 2012.

Since WWII, we have only won small skirmishes such as Panama and Grenada, while loosing almost everywhere else: Vietnam, Somalia, for instance. We are currently loosing in Afghanistan and Iraq. How many more unconstitutional, no-win wars do you want?  We have five going now and more likely coming, unless we wake up. It’s time to return to the original Constitutional and Republican position of minding our own business.

There is only one major Republican candidate with that position, the fast rising in the polls, Congressman Ron Paul. Paul clearly won the Iowa debate and almost won the Iowa Republican Straw Poll over Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann in her backyard. While Bachmann is a good conservative candidate, she is not the complete candidate Paul is, plus can you trust an attorney from the IRS?

Saying Ron Paul can’t win is another illusion. He is the only truly popular national candidate. Paul is winning almost all the online polls: Tea Party Patriots, MSNBC, FOX, you name it. Bachman, Cain, etc. barely show up on them. Fox News took the Iowa poll results down so you couldn’t see Paul winning. They want to do your thinking for you. No wonder Murdoch’s empire is under a cloud worldwide.

Only Ron Paul is saying the truth to the American people and not repeating the same worn out conservative “bumper-sticker” blather. Paul was the only person to explain the monetary system we have and how we got into financial trouble, the only candidate not to spout “war propaganda” that is destroying us, the only candidate with a real understanding of economics and history. 

We’re not in grade school anymore. Why bother with the other mental midgets when you have a man of his intelligence, integrity and stature. Ron Paul has consistently earned a 96-100 percent constitutional voting records every congressional session.  Social conservatives and evangelicals are now increasingly realizing they need to support Paul. If our Constitution falls, everyone will suffer.

Texas hopefully will be the thorn in Rick Perry’s side that prevents him from winning the Republican nomination. Texans know Rick! The last things Rick qualifies for is being conservative, constitutional, above-board, and honest. The last thing he has been is good for Texas is an illusion. He has done as much “to” Texas as he has done “for” it. I guess Faux would call that “fair and balanced.” Perry will slip as his record becomes known.

If Americans fall for a “Conservative Illusion” and nominate Perry, Romney, Bachmann, or any of the Establishment warmongering insiders, as Justin Raimondo wrote in his article, ‘Rick Perry - Hawk Internationalist’, “they’ll yank your grandmother off her life support system and cut your Social Security – which you’ve been “paying into” all these years – just as you reach retirement age, (and I might add, steal your 401k and IRA) long before they’ll touch a penny of the trillions being funneled overseas into our far-flung outposts of empire.” 

They also won’t touch the billion going to welfare for our illegal immigrants or tackle other real problems.

Empires Fall – don’t fall for Illusions. Break them!

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