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Look who the terrorists are now?

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hy·poc·ri·sy: noun 1. A pretense of having a virtuous character, moral or religious beliefs or principles, etc., that one does not really possess. 2. A pretense of having some desirable or publicly approved attitude.

Liberals believe the right is either solely, or mostly, responsible for the nastiness of political discourse in America. But liberals are in deep, deep denial about issues of their own incivility. The king has no clothes here.

Consider the “terrorism” analogy now being aimed at the Tea Party by not only Democratic members of Congress — in the amenable presence of vice president Joe Biden, no less — but also by some so called journalists sympathetic with the Democrats.

To point out just one example, the New York Times carried a Joe Nocera column, “Tea Party’s War Against America.” According to Nocera, President Obama’s debt-ceiling deal with the Republicans violated a basic rule: “Never negotiate with terrorists. It only encourages them.” He goes on to say, “Much of the country has watched in horror as the Tea Party Republicans have waged jihad on the American people.” These “intransigent” spending cutters were indifferent to “blowing up the country” in pursuit of their goals. They are indifferent to “inflicting more pain on their countrymen” via “the terrible toll $2.4 trillion in cuts will take on the poor and the middle class” and the extra unemployment it will bring.

What gets me is the Times editorial board recently condemned “many on the right” for “exploit[ing] the arguments of division,” and “demonizing immigrants, or welfare recipients, or bureaucrats.” Right-wingers, The Times noted, “seem to have persuaded many Americans that the government is not just misguided, but the enemy of the people.” So the question is how is it okay for Times’ writers to demonize the Tea Party and try to persuade Americans that members of the Tea Party are not just misguided, but the enemies of the people? Can they be so blind as not to see the hypocrisy in all this? Apparently so.

Terrorism is defined not by ideology or objectives; it is defined by methods. Terrorists are people who commit acts of physical violence, or threaten them, to influence politics. Tea Party members of Congress, on the other hand, ran for office, got elected, and are now casting votes in Washington in accordance with what they promised and what their constituents said they wanted. In the debt-ceiling debate, they played hardball politics in pursuit of their principles, as they saw them. Am I to presume the left never plays hardball politics?

Nocera accuses the Tea Party of acting like terrorists even as he encourages President Obama to risk an actual violation of law in opposition to them. In his column Nocera states Obama “should have played the 14th Amendment card” because “legal scholars believe that Congress would not have been able to sue to overturn his decision.”

Nocera’s “legal scholars” didn’t say Obama should do this because it’s constitutional, rather he should do it because he could get away with it. Wisely, Obama took the advice of his own legal team which told him the 14th Amendment route might lead to constitutional crisis.

Nocera comes closer to the mark when he argues that the budget cuts imposed under this deal will inflict pain on some who depend on government spending. Of course they will, but any real solution to America’s debt crisis will cause a lot of pain for a lot of folks. If we ever get around to enacting one. And that just happens to be a big “if.” There are plenty of real terrorists out there: Hezbollah, Hamas, al Qaeda, Khadafi, Bashir Asad, Iran’s rulers. Isn’t it ironic that some of the same people who are applying the “terror” label to the Tea Party and condemning Obama for dealing with them also advocate understanding for Mideast terrorists? We should understand what makes them tick. Why can’t liberals extend the same courtesy to members of the Tea Party? After all, they are Americans.

Isn’t it obvious the left needs to do a little soul searching and clean up its own house before throwing stones at another’s? But, since they are the smartest, most feeling, concerned, sympathetic people alive I’d say the chances of that happening are pretty much nil.

Our nation has a deep economic problem and an intense political divide. Nothing can be accomplished when we constantly exacerbate the latter.

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Publius Publicola 08/17/2011 13:00:04
Our nation has a deep economic problem and an intense political divide. Nothing can be accomplished when we constantly exacerbate the latter.

This is true, but it is unfortunate that you do not heed your own words. This editorial is little more than one journalist bashing another and broad generalizations about ideology. It sounds like you have real points you want to make about politics, policies, and government. Why not focus on a well-reasoned discussion of those points, instead of spending most of your time throwing stones yourself? You're just exacerbating the intense political divide by stooping to the same level and wasting so much of your free speech criticizing how someone else uses theirs.
Jose Consuela 08/19/2011 11:55:21
What you white people need to realize is that this is not your country any more. We love Obama. He is allowing our people to come in take your money, get free health care and take over. We don't care about your constitution we don't care about your sovereignty and by branding those who want to protect your country from us as terrorists only shows that Obama agreesthat white Americans are no longer welcomed here. Soon you will all be rounded up put in camps and Obama will give us your fancy cars and houses. Your time at the top is over. This is a new world where those of us who have live south of the border are tired of seeing you have the wealth. I hope that Obama shows you that you can't have your freedoms and if you are against us, then you are a terrorist. Obama is our president not yours. You are the enemy white people and we are going to take everything away from you and Obama is going to hand it to us on a silver platter, he knows that in order to stay in power he needs our votes. You should all move to Alaska and just leave everything behind. This is our country now!
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