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Simply Speaking: Speaking of (dumb as) bricks

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Ellis County, in the not-too-far distant past, was noted for a number of products associated with its soil. Can you name the products?

Well, from the 1880s until the 1920s, our county was recognized as one of the top cotton producing counties in the world. 

Somewhere in those years it was at the top. Our rich blackland and loam soils gave us that honor, along with wealth to many, evidenced by the numerous and beautiful old gingerbread and other stylish homes, from that era, gracing our towns and communities.

Special clay soils on the east side of Ellis County were found to make bricks in the last century, maybe even in the century prior.

In addition to seeing home-made ones, the towns of Ferris, Palmer, or Crisp were baked into most of them. Close inspection will turn up many of these lining our flower beds and serving as footings for some of our sidewalks and patios.

The Old Brickyard Golf Course at Ferris serves as yet another reminder of Ellis County soils providing different things to and for its citizens. 

I’ve not yet researched the origin of the many brick streets in nearly every one of our towns. Maybe our readers have insights to that question…

Speaking of (dumb as) bricks, Congress and the president obviously don’t know (or don’t want to know) how to live within their means. With a population nearing three hundred million, countless millions of which send large percentages of their earnings to the aforementioned, that humongous amount still is not enough to satisfy Washington’s appetite for spending.

American citizens have some suggestions. We might begin with cutting the salaries of Congress and the president by…say 50 percent. Then keep cutting by 10 percent a week until they come up with a balanced budget without raising taxes. Actually, they need to cut taxes from their current levels, say by 5 percent a week until a balance is obtained.

America’s soils still have much to give, but there is a tiny minority of tree-huggers in Washington controlling a majority of Congress and the president(s). 

A recent report showed enough oil in a tiny, postage-stamp sized portion of Alaskan soil could serve our needs for 200 years. 

And another report (at one of our Tea Party meetings) of Exxon-Mobil having come up with a “synthetic” fuel that is said to run about 50-something cents at the pumps.

Guess what our chances of ever seeing either of those possibilities bear fruit? Zero%?! 

Unless We the People, under the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, by Christ Jesus (Yeshua) wake up and rattle their cages before they put all of us in a cage of their making.

2012 will be a make or break year for America’s chances at getting spending under control and getting Washington off our back. If Obama is re-elected, our chances stay at zero. If the Senate stays Democrat, Liberal. RINO and Neocon, we stay at zero. If further inroads to an even more conservative House are not made, our chances for genuine reform stay slim to none.

The Tea Party movement has made a positive impact in getting the attention of those who should be our public servants. We need help. Go to elliscountyteaparty.org and look them over. If you like what you see, come onboard. We need your talents. Together we make up rich soil.

May Yahweh (God) bless through Yeshua (Jesus) our Lord.

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Publius Publicola 08/17/2011 12:37:10
And another report (at one of our Tea Party meetings) of Exxon-Mobil having come up with a “synthetic” fuel that is said to run about 50-something cents at the pumps.

This is an unbelievably bold claim. I mean that literally; it is unbelievable, as in, not believable. If ExxonMobil truly could manufacture synthetic fuel and sell it at 50 cents per gallon, what would stop them? It would be in their best interest to roll it out immediately, too. With such a price advantage, people would always buy them first and they could sell as much as they could produce.

You imply that the government is somehow barring them from selling this magic fuel. However, not only do you fail to offer proof, you don't even point at any specific law, regulation, or agency that could possibly prevent the sale of such fuel. You make bold claims, but claims are nothing without evidence. Where is yours?

As an aside, many environmentalists would actually prefer the market to be taken over by cheap synthetic fuels. You may ask why, but the answer is obvious: Synthetics can be cleaner than gasoline made from crude oil. That's right, they can cost less and help the environment at the same time. Environmentalists want this!

Here is an example of such clean and cheap fuel. That's being developed in England, but there are likely similar developments occurring here in the United States. The developers claim that they could sell it for $1.50 per gallon in mass production. Why aren't they yet? Probably because this is a new technology. It takes time to build the large production facilities you'd need to make large amounts of synthetic fuel. It could take years to bring production levels high enough to start replacing gasoline.

But environmentalists are cheering this on, just as much as people who want lower prices are.
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