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Waiting for the other side to cave

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In the famous words of that “ragin’ Cajun” James Carville, “What we have here is wah’, I tell you it’s wah’!” On the one side we have Republicans and on the other Obamacrats. A war between the taxpayers and the tax-eaters, and the tax-eaters just want the taxpayers to sit down, shut up and fork over the dough. I think perhaps this time the taxpayers have had enough and just aren’t going to take it any more.

Barack Obama, bag man for the tax-eaters, simply doesn’t understand why Republicans won’t join his fight to add trillions of dollars – that’s trillions with a ‘t’ not billions with a ‘b’ – to the already staggering burden on the taxpayers. Well, to their grandchildren and great grandchildren as well.

Obamacrats have never seen a tax they don’t love and are positively erotic over the possibility of adding a few new trillion to the till confiscated from Americans. Obama pouts it’s those rascally Republicans, not him, holding the “my way or the highway” attitude. A refusal to negotiate is a refusal to negotiate, and he won’t negotiate without increasing taxes on a portion of Americans.

An Associated Press analysis clearly showed trillions of dollars in new taxes would disproportionately harm small business owners and low- and middle-income families striving to achieve more wealth. Instead Obama obsesses on the very few of the rich, who, by the way, pay most of the income taxes now anyway.

A tax increase would be bad medicine for a sick economy suffering a 9.2 percent unemployment rate. He criticizes “tax breaks for millionaires and billionaires, oil companies, hedge-fund managers and owners of corporate jets.” 

Speaking of corporate jets, Obama has a Boeing 747 with all the bells and whistles standing ready to jet him and Michele to New York City for a $400 dinner so they can shed crocodile tears for the poor at taxpayer expense.

Obama refuses to talk about “taxes.” Rather he calls them by another name such as “having revenue in the mix.” Or, perhaps you like this one better: “We need to take on spending in the tax code.”

Obama is thrashing around in frustration because those rascally Republicans refuse to dance around the issue and call a tax a tax. So, if Republicans can resist the urge buried deep in their psyche to fold in the clutch perhaps the tax-eaters can be brought to heel. After all, like Sarah Palin says: “the Sugar Daddy has run out of money.”

What’s really interesting is that a CBS news poll showed 60 percent of Americans think Congress should not raise the debt ceiling. It’s telling that 60 percent understand the prospect of default is all that can persuade Democrats, drunk on reckless and irresponsible profligacy, that it’s an illness that must have boundaries. I’d say that’s progress.

Republicans must agree to tax increases or risk default, holler Democrats, because Democrats aren’t capable of making the spending cuts necessary to prevent default. Republicans would understand this if they weren’t so pathologically stupid and unwilling to learn from their betters. As a result, Republicans no longer have a “sense of moral decency” and can’t accept the “legitimacy” of “intellectual authorities.” Intellectual authorities naturally being liberals and Democrats. Meaning the jig is up for the tax-eaters and if things work out we hope they get used to it.

Now it’s time for another day of “debt ceiling negotiations” and it will be interesting to see who caves first. The tax-eaters have a lot at stake in this because if they cave then taxpayers will have won a huge victory and maybe won’t be bullied again. We’ll see.

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