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Constitutional Thinking: Sharpening our minds

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The real war for freedom is not with bullets. 

It is going on in the minds of Americans. 

We have been losing, but I see people waking up and political activity taking place that has not been seen in our country for many years.  

Our enemy’s socialist/fascist ideas are really weak and indefensible. 

We have been quiet. 

If we stand up, they lose.

Once a large enough group of Americans have their minds sharpened to where they can understand what is going on, the enemy will run and hide, like cockroaches from the light. 

They should, for there will be penalties under law for what they have done to the country.

Our current troubles were spurred on by our schools and churches, both infiltrated by un-American and un-Christian forces in the late 1800s and early 1900s. 

John Dewey, for one, was out there at the University of Michigan and then in Chicago. 

I just finished reading an article on Will Rogers entitled, “An Everyman for All Time.” 

For him to have had the great influence he did, our society had to have been partially dumbed down, even by the 1930s. 

The Great Depression (thanks to the Federal Reserve) took down our confidence. 

Rogers was a movie star (21 pictures), an author and a humorist. 

By 1934, he was the highest paid actor in Hollywood and his Sunday evening radio program, called the Gulf Headliners (1930-1935), was top rated. One in three Americans listened. Rush Limbaugh’s would be jealous. 

His show preceded President Roosevelt’s Fireside Chats.

Times may have been tough, but I don’t see his humor in, “When a party can’t think of anything else they always fall back on lower taxes. It has a magic sound to a voter just like Fairyland.” 

No doubt, Will Rogers would have appreciated Barrack Obama. He also claimed to be on the side of the workingman and against the big boys. He did not realize the big boys ran both parties. They still do.

“Rogers advocated President Roosevelt’s New Deal programs to fix what the wealthy elite had gotten America into. Historians say Rogers’ advocacy of the New Deal played an essential role in winning public approval.”

Today, Bush and Clinton have put Goals 2000 in place, along with School to Work (copying the German model) and the Secondary, Elementary Education Act. Pretty soon, you will need to go through a government data base to be employed.

Are we following the path of the Roman Republic? To become a legionnaire, you had to be a land owner. 

After those rules were changed, non-Romans were used to enforce Rome’s rule over her empire and the Praetorian Guard (their Homeland Security) did the same in Rome itself. 

Rome became an Empire. Today, we recruit soldiers in Mexico City, Manila and elsewhere to maintain our flagging empire. 

We should support our troops by bringing them home. Continued war will do us in also. 

Even worse, we are privatizing our military, with our State Department to control a huge private force in Iraq after the regular military withdrawal. This harms our country. Soldiers still take an oath to the Constitution, but civilians don’t. 

Our State Department created Communist China (now public record), and the Pakistani PM we support says he loves the thoughts of Mao Zedong and wants “Islamic socialism.” Why do we have to buy the world “socialism”?

The State Department pays for Mosques in Egypt and elsewhere that turn against us. 

Our private contractors create enemies for us everywhere they go, whether in Afghanistan, Iraq, or the United Arab Emirates. 

They love the war profits. We even used illegally used Blackwater here at home during Katrina. 

Privatization may seem as cost effective at first, thus tempt short-sighted conservatives. Longer term, it will probably cost more and it ensures government control, since government controls what it pays for.

Congress must put Homeland Security in its place, or its obnoxious attitude will continue to spread across our nation as exemplified by the TSA, and get much worse. 

The Nazi’s in Germany, according to eye witnesses, increased their power slowly, until they finally had too much to resist. 

HS lies about almost everything. Congress must control them now or they will eventually control Congress, just like the Senate was controlled in Rome.

With a sharp mind, you will not just wink when you learn a national bank is called for in the Communist Manifesto, or that Edward Mandell House (TX), Wilson’s aide, wanted “Socialism as dreamed of by Karl Marx in America.” 

You will be furious knowing our dollar has lost 95-97 percent of its value since 1913 and demand the FED and its fraudulent legal tender be phased out. 

If not, Volker and his vulture friends will get their wish: “The standard of living of the American people has to decline.” 

Get Sharp, Be Sharp!

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