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Simply Speaking: 'Why didn’t you tell me??'

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Why didn’t you tell me!!!??? You’ve uttered those words a thousand times or more, so have I, so has most everyone in the world at one time or another, over and over again, and to the same person (husband), most likely (sometimes, of course, the husband is the last to know…).

I wonder how you say ‘why didn’t you tell me’ in Chinese…or Cherokee? Nevermind.

What I’m getting around to is this…why haven’t we been taught or why has not accurate material been made available to us as to the true, unadulterated history of our very own country? Why, why, why?

There are reasons, most of which we won’t be happy about.

In the first place, we should not be looking at our country from the angle of our country being the USA. Down here in the Lone Star State, “our country” should be easily on our tongue: Texas is our country, first and foremost. 

I am discovering how many of our Forefathers felt the same way about this matter way back when. Whether it be Virginia or Massachusetts or New York or Georgia…or Texas, so many early American Founders claimed their country to be the “state” from whence they were born, raised, and called home. 

Our first constitutions, be it the 1781 Articles of Confederation or the 1789 Constitution, were established so that each colony (or state) (or country) that chose to join in, could accomplish certain things (there were around 17 or 18 “things”) in common with the other 12 or 13 “countries” around them. A common defense against world powers, trade considerations, treaties, taxation, and maybe currency were examples. But only 17 or 18 items in toto. Those early nations could do the remainder of government actions on their own.  

Each original colony was so jealous of its sovereignty that the idea of a single monolithic, all encompassing, all powerful national government, encapsulating and engulfing them each and all into one giant ball of wax was absurd.

But along comes the call for a constitutional convention to make “small changes” to the Articles of Confederation. 

Kind of like some Liberals would love to have yet another constitutional convention today (we know why we do not want today’s “leaders” messing up further what the Alexander Hamiltons and John Marshalls and Daniel Websters did in yesteryear.

Patriots and Founders, such as Patrick Henry, Samuel Adams, George Clinton, and many others were strongly against a total overhaul of the Articles, such as we got. 

Actually, the overhaul we did not get, we got a total replacement. Pat Henry strongly “smelled a rat” and did not attend the selling-out convention we ended up getting.

So strongly against the 1789 Constitution were so many, that letters and correspondence were composed and distributed to the people of each colony (you know I mean nation). 

We’ve been introduced to their opposite, The Federalist Papers, but I think most of us may never have been introduced in any meaningful way to their opposite, the Anti-Federalist Papers.

Those early opponents of the Federal Constitution knew it had fatal flaws that would bring on an end to personal and state sovereignty, such as they had prior to the 1789 Constitution. Patrick Henry, and other early opponents, knew about our human nature, about our fallen nature, and knew the new constitution would encounter that human frailty and would ultimately fail to preserve and protect their original covenant with Yahweh God.

This mess we find ourselves in today, in the (now) 50 should-be sovereign and independent nations, has seen the fruition of Patrick Henry’s doubts and warnings about the 1789 Constitution, to which even our elected “leaders” of today pay no attention.

As it was, the 1789 Constitution barely passed and we should be looking back at all of history’s truths, for without them, there is no hope of making a lasting impression on positive change.

May Yahweh God bless through Yeshua, the Savior.

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