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Constitutional Thinking: Stand up and squeal

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I’m on the road again visiting friends up north in Arkansas and Missouri. Originally, I hoped to cool off a bit, but unfortunately, some of the hot air from Texas made it up here. Rick Perry is still in Austin, isn’t he? People up here and everywhere however, are heating up to the realization that our country is in a world of trouble.

While filling up my SUV, I noticed the guy with his ten year old son in the pickup next to me pouring a gallon of water over something in the back. As it turns out, he had two four-week old baby pigs in a crate taking them home, and was cooling them off. Then I commented on the two stickers on his back window. One was “We can’t afford 4 more years of Obama.”  I congratulated him.

He went on to tell me it was the first in his life he had ever put a bumper sticker on his vehicle. He said the economy is terrible and there are almost no jobs available. I think his courageous (for him) actions are a good sign. We are all going to have to step up and do things we have never done before if we are going to take our country back. Let’s get the trend going!

We are going to have to talk to our families, our friends and our neighbors, even if it is a little uncomfortable for some. And yes, we all need to put on good bumper stickers on the back or our vehicles to tell the world what we think. Bumper sticker messages reach a lot of people. 

We need to work together to pick Constitutional candidates for all offices in the coming election and make sure they get nominated and on the ballot. No more “Political Correctness” and no more “if there is an R by the name, the guy/gal is ok.”

According to top economists, our country is experiencing a permanent loss of jobs. They are not coming back. It doesn’t matter if corporate profits are up, most new jobs will be in India, China, Brazil and elsewhere. It is government and corporate policy for this to happen.

Since President Eisenhower (an R – just in case you have a convenient mental lapse) had US tax policy changed to encourage corporations to produce overseas, we have been going downhill. President Kennedy complained about that and also the CIA, Vietnam, and the private Federal Reserve and, oh my, I think we know part of the rest of that story.

The Treasury Department encouraged banks, mostly foreign, to buy other banks with bailout money, reducing instead of creating jobs. Have you checked yet to learn who owns our Fed? You don’t have to be on a hog farm to know something smells pretty bad.

Americans are going to have to decide if they are willing to be sold into serfdom for Wall Street and the bankers, or if they are going to stand up for the American economy, freedom, and the constitution. 

What’s good for corporations and what’s good for the American economy is not always the same. Look at the horrible jobs report last Friday.

If you look behind the reported economic numbers, many researchers are finding the situations much worse than believed. The only job growth is in government, military and related areas. 

This is not real growth. The Wall Street Journal reported that the average length of un-employment is higher than at anytime since 1948 when the government started keeping figures. 

Most Republicans are trying to hold the line on the budget, while Democrats are playing their usual “class warfare” game to try to divide the American people. Behind the scenes, it appears there also is a secret plan whereby the president will use an Executive Order to bypass Congress based upon Section 4 or the Fourteenth Amendment. 

The president seems to think Congress can’t limit government spending, but some Republicans talk of impeachment if he tries this stunt. The results of the Civil War could bite us again.

Thomas Jefferson left us a wonderful reminder: “Yes, we did produce a near-perfect republic. But will they keep it? Or will they, in the enjoyment of plenty, lose the memory of freedom? Material abundance without character is the path of destruction.”

Are we like those two little pigs in the truck, which I’m told, will reach up to 1,200 pounds or so, when full grown?

Are we enjoying our lap of luxury, the “abundant life trough,” not realizing the ultimate goal of our government and corporate feeders?

If you, like me, feel you’ve been “stuck enough already”, won’t you stand up and squeal while you still can, or will your last trip to McDonalds be in a sausage biscuit?

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