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Constitutional Thinking: Time for a Constitutional President

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Part 2

Last week I pointed out that we have run out of time to allow the Republicans to put up fraudulent conservatives pretending to be supporters of the Constitution, as Presidential candidates. 

Willard Mitt Romney can not be the candidate. With Romney Care, all residents of Massachusetts are forced to buy health insurance which finances abortion. Willard goes from pro-choice to pro life at the touch of a button depending upon his audience. Of course, he also wants to allow homosexuals to be scoutmasters, sat on the board of a leading purveyor of pornography, boosted funding for homosexual “education” starting in kindergarten, and believes humans are contributing to climate change.

Romney is also for amnesty for the illegal aliens, For No Child Left Behind and Charter Schools (no local control), against the Second Amendment, and a big supporter of Sustainable Development and Agenda 21. His financial fix for MA was raising taxes. The list goes on.  How can this man even be in the running?

Rick Perry has his similar list (See 14 Reasons Why Rick Perry Would Be A Really, Really Bad President), Herman Cain has the Fed anchor, and Newt Gingrich has a long Globalist/New World Order record. Not one of them should be the candidate.

Newer faces like Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann offer less for a constitutionalist to dislike, but neither understand or support constitutional positions on foreign affairs. Both would likely continue building the American Empire around the world, financially destroying our country. Count both out. 

We must get out of our current wars. War is the easiest method whereby a government consolidates power. Every war we have been in has damaged the fabric of our society. Before, during and after war, things are allowed that otherwise, we would not even consider. After the Civil War, the states that left the Union were never admitted back. The states admitted, were new nationalized states giving the federal government supremacy over all American citizens in an effort to destroy the Tenth Amendment.

What Nazi Germany did to its own people by the end of the war would not likely have been tolerated before. What America is doing to its citizens now would not likely be tolerated, were we not in unconstitutional wars. Because of them, we are allowing the Transportation and Security Administration (TSA) to do just about anything at airports (and soon in train and bus stations and at check points on the highways) to supposedly keep us safe.

All this is in violation of the First, Fourth and Fifth Amendments of the Constitution. Remember, the Nazi’s started in the train stations with “Your papers please!” If we don’t start electing constitutional people at all levels, we will not only have their hands down our pants, we will have them deeper into our pocketbook. 

The U.S. Department of Transportation will soon be reauthorized and amended, and deep in the draft are the details of a scheme that would track and tax (VMT) every mile driven with no mention of ending the current gasoline tax. Bureaucracy will do anything to expand totalitarian control over our social and economic lives. 

Only two of the Presidential Candidates can be counted on to resist these assaults on our liberty: Governor Gary Johnson, and Congressman Ron Paul. All the others have shown, by their affiliations, their words and/or their votes, that protecting our Constitution is not their top priority.

Gary Johnson needs to be heard. I can agree with most of his positions and see a bright future for him. At this time, however, I think there is one candidate that has the best potential to get the job done, right now. We need to Restore America Now. That is Congressman Ron Paul. Dr. Paul is proven and he is consistent. 

The June Townhall.com Presidential Straw Poll has Ron Paul on top for the second time this year. He needs to stay on top all the way to the convention, and finish on top in November 2012.  I always hear some people saying, “He can’t win” and other excuses like, “He’s too radical.” The only reason he would not be able to win, is if uninformed Republicans keep voting for the same type of unconstitutional candidates as in previous election cycles. Don’t do that. Ron Paul has been proven right on the issues.

Ron Paul’s positions are not radical. Go to: www.RonPaul2012  and take a good look. They are right in line with the thinking of the founding fathers. 

As Chuck Baldwin, the 2008 Constitution Party Presidential candidate said recently, “The Tea Parties Now Have Their Man.”  Ron Paul will do, with your support, the right things the others only talk about at election time, but soon forget.

Do I agree with Ron Paul on everything? Absolutely not! It is unlikely we will ever find a candidate with whom we agree with 100%, but Ron Paul is the closest candidate we have to a Founding Father.

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