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Simply Speaking: Tea Party movement

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The modern Tea Party movement is, come July 15, two and one-quarter years old. 

They’ve been recognized nationwide, loved and hated, understood and misconstrued, a breath of fresh air and detested, an original of the first Boston Tea Party and, of late, copied in the perverse. Nevertheless, the modern Tea Party is needed even more than it was over two years ago.

The copycats were various and sundry movements congregating at Washington who, for the most part, contrary to the Tea people, trashed the place. Might there be a hint in this alone as to the character of the copycat groups. 

Of course, those kind have been seen in the capital over the years wanting this or that, often seeking handouts, also known as wealth redistribution; a common ploy of communists and Leninists to draw people into their web of slavery.  

American labor unions have gotten into the act lately, in Wisconsin for instance when that state’s new conservative governor took tough necessary moves to rescue his state from bankruptcy, however big unions’ main tactic is intimidation, violence, and a focus on self, factors the Tea Party never uses.

Then we have Middle East nations getting into the congregate, demonstrate, and overthrow business, some say encouraged, even partly financed, by big American labor unions. Strangely many Middle Eastern tactics have mimicked union intimidation and violence. Some might call this a kind of conspiracy… The US president has added his encouragement to the demonstrators in that region of the world on fire, but lent not a drop of aid due to the big fires ravaging Texas this year, even though help was requested. 

Actually, no surprise there. Maybe America should re-institute FDR’s Lend-Lease Program of the 1940s and lend Obama to the Middle East…permanently, since he loves and has so many things in common with them, along with their revolutionary-overthrow (change) ways. It’d be a marriage made in Heaven…or maybe some other lower region.

And have you noticed, for instance, how the US president always throws his support to unions, peoples, and places from whence his sure support comes (much of which, incidentally, has been put in place over the last two and one-quarter years)? George W would have been crucified in Major Media had he even hinted at such blatant one-sidedness (Well, he was anyway).

But Red States can forget they’re even in the Union. Arizona, have you received even a whit of  White House support, as your people and state government moved to secure your southern border? Quite the contrary from that administration. We’ve already touched on how the Lone Star State is treated.

And what about South Carolina (a Red State) receiving a two billion dollar aircraft plant infusion from private enterprise (Boeing)? 

But along comes out-of-state big unions throwing a monkey wrench into the deal, after the fact, all because the Palmetto State is a Right-to-Work state. 

Hello, White House, where are you? I thought you said you’re all about job creation….

I’ve got to believe at least some of the throngs of demonstrators that, of late, have converged on Washington, the gangs of union protestors, such as Wisconsin had to put up with this year, the on-fire Middle East, with its constant turmoil-in-the-streets, also this year, could very well have been at least partly organized in order to put a damper and lend confusion to the Tea Party Movement, which has scared the hell out of Liberals, the world over, but especially in America’s  Leftist circles.

Tea Party supporters; keep the pressure on…and may Yahweh God bless you through Yeshua, Christ Jesus, the only Hope of the world.

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Jim 06/30/2011 17:27:42

You realize that Obama and the democrats have passed virtually none of the legislation that the unions favored right??

You realize that union power and membership has NEVER been smaller except right before the great depression??

You understand that when wages and quality of life in the US was the highest union membership was the highest also??

The republicans won the battle a long time ago. The labor unions were defeated. Workers have no power or rights in the workplace anymore and your fantasy of some sort of vast union control is just that.
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Michael 06/30/2011 17:55:45
Ah, the Tea Party. An anti-American movement bought and paid for by the Koch brothers, whose father founded the white supremacist John Birch Society. The Tea Party has had a single mission, which is to punish hard-working Americans and reward the lazy scum who inherited their billions and worked hard to send American jobs abroad -- as the Koch brothers have done.

There are no patriots among the Tea Party.

There are no Christians among the Tea Party.

Because a Tea Party member is someone who hates America. A Tea Party member is someone who believes in crushing the American dream. To be a Tea Party member, you have to hate America with every fiber of your being. You have to hate American laborers and love foreign conspiracies. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Fox News are both foreign conspiracies, and both have been involved in acts of terrorism.

You can't be an American patriot and support a group dedicated to hating the American government.

You can't be an American patriot and support a group that has no unifying vision except a hatred of your fellow Americans: blacks, labor unions, Jews, the poor, and on and on.

You can't be a Christian and devote your life to hating people.
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GENE 07/02/2011 21:16:21
If it were not for the WW1 Veterans, we would not have many of our benefits today. They stood shoulder to shoulder and marched on the government. Yes, some of them died that day, but their point was well received. We are at this crossroad again only many years departed. If we do not take our country back, you can do the third world countries do - live in cardboard shanties, bath in the polluted rivers and creeks that they use as toilets. YOU WANT THIS??????????? OR DO YOU WANT TO DRIVE obama and his house of rats into the street and gutters where they belong. I just thought I would drop this on you for some thought process and maybe a comment or two. I FOUGHT FOR THIS COUNTRY AND I DO NOT APPRECIATE AN IMPOSTER SITTING IN MY WHITE HOUSE AND KILLING THIS COUNTRY. WAKE UP PEOPLE BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE. TNX.
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