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Constitutional Thinking: Get off the Kool-Aid

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The Republican Presidential Merry-go-round is picking up speed. 

Candidates are jumping on and off at an increasing pace. 

As the Presidential Carnival heats up, voters will be heading for the refreshment stand so they can endure watching the marathon to pick the best horse for the race.

Unfortunately, most voters have been going for Kool-Aid instead of real Tea. 

Like the followers of Jim Jones at Jonestown years ago, bad Kool-Aid will kill you along with the country. 

Why do voters fall for orange, green, yellow, pink, lime and every other color instead of real tea?

The reason is that the conservative right is serving a lot of bad Kool-Aid.

For example, Americans for Prosperity sound conservative, but they are really pushing a Neo-con agenda, such as their recent RightOnLine Conference where they expected more than 1,300 young, tech savvy activists. 

Look at their speakers; Michele Bachmann, Herman Cain, and Tim Pawlenty. Cain, as a former Federal Reserve Bank officer, is automatically disqualified for working to kill us financially. Pawlenty is just another run-of-the-mill socialist Republican.

Americans are increasingly realizing our country is in a death spiral, where the only way out is to do something really different, yet Republicans put up the same badly flawed candidates year after year, and expect better results. 

That’s stupid. 

Republican leadership keeps recycling the garbage (list of favored candidates). Newt Gingrich is impossibly flawed, as is Mitt Romney. Michelle Bachmann is better than some, but not solidly constitutional. 

Mike Huckabee, out for now, but possibly waiting in the wings, gave Arkansas the Dole/Clinton Goals 2000 with SB57. 

With that and a CFR appearance, no conservative could consider him.

Some Republicans are now drooling over Rick Perry, who is preparing for Iowa, and holding prayer meetings. 

What a wonderful Christian, pushing fascist GARDASIL programs for your daughter’s so he can  get paid off, not cleaning up the Texas Youth Commission pimping our young boys, trying to shut down the anti-groping TSA bill using Lt. Governor David Dewhurst, and of course, pushing NAFTA Superhighways and toll-roads on Texans. 

Governor Perry also visited the Bilderberg meeting a couple of years ago, which like Trilateral and Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) membership/attendance, automatically should count you out of the running. 

And speaking of sly maneuvers, Rick Perry and Newt Gingrich are forming ties to a left-wing Christian group called 7 Mountains, which advocates taking over society and government for Christ. 

Attendees at the meetings, including James Dobson (who never met a Republican he couldn’t vote for), Tony Perkins, David Barton (who should know better), Alan (Mr. UN) Keys, Gary (I’ll sell out for a seat at the table) Bauer and Ken (the magic ballot box) Blackwell to name a few. 

Liberty University even hosted a conference to mobilize the Judeo-Christian world with a bunch of these people. Now you understand why our politicians and religious leaders are so mixed up. 

You need to be reading Real News, not Human Events or Newsmax. You need to be listening to Real Talk Radio, not KLIF or FOX. This country has chugged so much Kool-Aid, that it has a pink cast to it. You must listen to true constitutionalists, not Hannity or Malkin.

National Republican leadership works hard to prevent your getting a look at all the candidates or considering the really important issues, so they keep people like Gary Johnson, the former Republican Governor of New Mexico, out of debates.

Our media mostly hid the TSA Security Exercise, “Joint Viper,” covering 5000 square miles of land, air and water in three states.  

President Bush and now Barrack Obama installed and are testing for the Police State. 

The TSA will be the occupying army for citizen repression and be everywhere, not just in airports. 

Do you feel safer now? 

The Ohio Highway Patrol plane they tested can record everything on the ground five miles away. 

You are not told about the original 13th Amendment, barring lawyers from holding public office, since they have a title of Nobility.  Lawyers only represent statutory law/public policy, not the real law anyway. Why do we have so many lawyers in public office?

“We-the-People” are considered enemies of the State since the Civil War, and enemies of the Bankers since the USA bankruptcy of 1933. Have you heard about U.S. v. Macintosh 283 US 605?  

It’s a 1931 case that states in effect, “allegiance to Federal Government must take priority over allegiance to God.”  

Is it any wonder our illegitimate government always seems to be doing things to hurt Christianity?

Get off the cyanide laced Kool-Aid. 

Ignore distractions like the Weiner scandal. Google subjects and people I talk about. Get informed. 

Look at depth into the voting record of all candidates, plus their associations. 

Quit picking circus clowns. Walk the Constitutional path. Save our country.

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